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Every person is a world in itself.
And everyone matters.

Humanity is living its biggest crisis in recent times.
We are all seeking for answers.
So is Natura.
But we already know what we can do right now.

We can stay together.

Because the world needs people coming together.
Together, in a new way.
Together, even though away from each other.
This will be a real challenge.
But we believe that sticking together is the only way.

Let’s stay together to try and stop the contagion.

That is why we are strongly encouraging remote and at home work. Stay at home, reconnect with yourself, this is the better way to care for your loved ones during this period.
Our factories started producing hand sanitizers and increased our capacity in producing soaps, main instrument in stopping the spread, taking care of our relations.
Travels and events have been postponed and we have doubled the care and protection of people still working in our factories, distribution centers, hubs and other working areas, including by keeping at home those with higher risk, in self quarantine or those responsible for incapables with regular full compensation.

Let’s stay together to keep the economy going.

That is why we are making sure consumers have easy access to all kinds of soap through our ecommerce channel.
Supporting proper sanitization with soap + water regularly.
That is why we are honoring every contract with our business partners and communities and investing in innovation and new technology to keep us going through the crisis.

And this is just to begin with.
Every day we will learn a new way to handle things and create a new social pact.
Always together.
Because we all have our share in this.
We need to change the way we live.
Using the power we all have to make the world more beautiful by taking care of ourselves to take care of others and the planet.
This is the only way to get through this difficult moment and create a new world.
A more loving place, with health and prosperity for all.
 Where everyone matters.

 When you care, you create beauty