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Natura, a committed choice

Distributing the Natura brand also means sharing its values, those of a committed brand, which has been acting directly for the protection of the Amazonian forest for more than 20 years, which offers vegan products with Amazonian ingredients, which works according to the principles of fair trade, which chooses eco-designed packaging and which has been carbon-neutral for the past 15 years as well as being B Corp certified.

If you can relate to these values, then we can work effectively with you and your customers can relate too.

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A brand dedicated to well-being and relationships

Natura's great strength? the quality of its products, all dedicated to well-being. It is by feeling good in one's body and in one's skin that one can then turn to the world and make it more beautiful, more caring, more responsible. Our formulas, very rich in natural ingredients, are sensorial, deliciously scented, and above all very effective for both skin and hair. Since its birth in Brazil more than 50 years ago, Natura has been a brand of relationships. By becoming a distributor, you in turn become part of this virtuous network, you increase the income of the Amazonian communities, and you increase the well-being around you.

Becoming a distributor couldn't be easier!

If you are convinced that our products correspond to you and have a place in your point of sale, then do not hesitate any more, contact us quickly so that we can get to know each other and give you the procedure to follow... We look forward to counting you among our partners.

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"Very nice discovery. Top products, hydration, texture, fragrance, effectiveness."
Natura customer, Trustedshop verified review

"The best. Quality products for different skin types, for face, hands, body and even hair. Irresistible scents!"
from Enzo M., in store