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Priprioca is a plant that seems ordinary at first glance, a kind of tall grass that hides a treasure under the ground: its roots, small tubercules that, when cut, give off a fresh, woody and spicy scent that surprises the sense of smell.

Thanks to this quality, Priprioca is one of the main aromatic herbs sold in the state of Pará, in the Amazon region of Brazil. It is sold mainly in the Ver-o-Peso market in Belém.

Priprioca is an important ingredient in home perfumes and scented baths, typical of the Amazonian culture. Inspired by the traditions of the Priprioca, Natura Ekos has created a fragrance as surprising as this plant.


Priprioca essential oil brings spicy and woody notes to this unique fragrance. Enveloped by a delicious floral bouquet, with a touch of freshness and amber nuances, this fragrance is delicately feminine and sensual.

A rare fragrance, discovered in the root of a plant from the great Amazon rainforest, so sensual that it inspires a legend of passion.


The warrior Piripiri was a mysterious Indian. His body gave off a sweet perfume that the young girls of his village fell in love with. That is why they always chased him through the forest. When they thought he was trapped, he would disappear in a cloud of smoke.

The girls went to ask Supi the shaman how they could capture Piripiri. Supi told them that they should tie the warrior's feet with their own hair. That night, the Indian girls did what Supi had taught them. While Piripiri was sleeping, they tied his feet with their hair. And they fell asleep next to him.

The next day, when they woke up, the warrior was gone forever. But on the ground where he had slept, there was a different plant that exhaled its perfume. The shaman Supi taught them how to use this fragrance that moved the hearts of men. And he told them that Piripiri had risen to heaven and become the constellation of Arapari, the 'Three Marys' of the constellation Orion. The plant was named after him. This is its home.

Piripiri-oca, Priprioca: the home of Piripiri.


In the Amazon, Priprioca is usually grown together with cassava in the "coivara" system, a technique known to the forest people that involves setting fire to the bush, tree trunks and branches to clean the land and prepare it for planting. In small doses, this system does not harm the forest.

Natura has established partnerships with 3 communities around Belém, involving the work of more than 80 families, to develop the cultivation of Priprioca without the use of slash and burn, aiming for a more sustainable production system, planting in already deforested areas and using organic fertilizers. At harvest time, the roots are pulled out of the ground and washed in a stream.

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