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Natura Brasil

50 years of Bem Estar Bem

Natura was founded 50 years ago, in 1969, when the very first store opened in São Paolo. From these humble roots, Natura has become Brazil's largest beauty brand and a major force in the beauty industry throughout Latin America.
Born from two passions, Cosmetics and Relationships, Natura Brasil developed a new approach to beauty based on strong values: respect for people and nature and the spread of well-being.
Natura Brasil is proud to be recognised not only for the quality of its beauty products, but also for its commitment to transparency, sustainable development and the promotion of well-being (what we call "bem estar bem").
Natura Brasil sells cosmetic products that respect both nature and people, containing on average 80% plant based ingredients, all sustainably harvested by local communities in Brazil, in line with the principles of fair trade.
It is these values shared on a daily basis that make Natura Brasil the N°1 beauty brand in Brazil and a brand so dear to the hearts of Brazilians around the world.
Today, Natura Brasil is part of the Natura & Co group, which also includes The Body Shop and Australian brand Aesop. Together, these brands are working for more committed, fairer cosmetics with a high content of natural and plant-based ingredients and proven efficacy.

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Natura is created by Luiz Seabra and opens its first shop in the traditional Oscar Freire shopping street in São Paulo.


Natura is created by Luiz Seabra and opens its first shop in the traditional Oscar Freire shopping street in São Paulo.


First partnership with traditional Amazonian communities.


The brand's headquarters moves to new offices in Cajamar - São Paulo




Launch of the Natura Musical programme that supports Brazilian music and culture.


Opening of the European branch in Paris.


Launch of refills made of green plastic, based on sugar cane ethanol.


Creation of the Natura Institute, a non-profit organisation set up to improve public education in Brazil.


The Natura Amazonia Innovation Centre opens in Manaus. Designed to strengthen Natura's presence in the Amazon, it contributes to local development.


Acquisition of the Australian brand Aesop


Inauguration of the Ecoparc in the Amazon, Natura becomes the largest publicly traded company to be B Corp certified.


Natura wins the United Nations Environment Programme Champions of the Earth award