Joining Natura means living an adventure every day, as well as joining a close-knit, dynamic and passionate team that is committed to achieving and succeeding in daily challenges. This experience, which we want to be transformational for each of our employees, must be undertaken with respect for our values and our core identity. Taking care of its teams, supporting each employee so that they can reach their full potential, surpassing themselves and thriving, being in sync with their tasks, their environment and themselves, these are Natura's commitments through the bemestarbem philosphy.

Natura is: a human-sized team, with a head office in Suresnes and 3 stores in the Paris region; highly cross-sectional working relationships with an international scope; a start-up spirit with the history and resources of a leading Group in Latin America; solid values and a commitment to Sustainable Development on a daily basis. 


Since living the bemestarbem philosophy on a daily basis is one of our priorities, we run "bemestar" initiatives throughout the year, i.e. initiatives dedicated to the well-being of our teams, but also "estarbem" initiatives to enable them to open up to others.
Various tools help us to achieve this objective, including the engagement survey, which enables us to analyse the connections between employees and the company, as well as our 360° evaluation system, which is another employee development tool.
It goes much further than a classic annual review, to help them to be proactive in their desire for development.


For all unsolicited applications, please use the following e-mail address: and specify in the subject line the department to which you are applying (marketing, logistics, sales, finance, etc.).


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