• Natura Chronos


For nearly 50 years, Natura, Brazil's leading cosmetics company, has been combining the best Brazilian plant ingredients, harvested sustainably, with high-tech cosmetic research to offer effective, innovative and intensely sensory skincare products.
Discover Natura Chronos, a complete range of face care products adapted to each age and skin type, with ingredients from Brazil's biodiversity and the most effective technological active ingredients, for outstanding anti-ageing and effective moisturising.
  • Brazilian plant based ingredients
  • Eco-designedand refillable packaging
  • Outstanding performancewith proven results
  • Excellent UVA and UVB protection.

The benefits of Natura Chronos face care products
with ANNE-FLORE MARXER, Freeride World Champion

Her morning routine

A simple routine that's easy to repeat every day gets the day off to a good start and protects your skin from external aggressions.

1. Start with the cleansing foam, to purify your face and wake up your skin.
2. next apply the detox tonersuited to your skin type.
3. then massage the skin from the centre of the face outwards and from bottom to top with a moisturising day cream tailored to your age.
> Your skin is soft, radiant and protected all day long!

Her evening routine

After a busy day, this is the perfect beauty routine to cleanse your skin and help it rest and regenerate overnight.

1. First of all, remove your make-up completely with the right product (biphase make-up remover, foam, cream or cleansing gel).
2. next apply the detox tonersuited to your skin type.
3. finish with the right anti-ageing night cream for you.
> Your skin is ready for a rest and you're ready for a great night's sleep before another busy day tomorrow!

Her "Instant radiance" routine.

When you have a bit more time, give yourself a relaxing break and indulge your face with a radiance routine. This beauty routine is perfect for weekends, or whenever you feel the need.

1. First cleanse your skin thoroughly.
2. then massage in the microdermabrasion exfoliating cream and rinse off with water.
3. lastly, finish by applying the intense hydration mask and leave it on for 5 minutes.
4. remove with a cotton wool pad soaked in toner.
> That's it, your skin is regenerated, your complexion is fresher and more even, it's instant radiance for your face!