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Chronos Aqua

Reinforce the natural hydration
of your skin

Your skin 5x more hydrated instantly and for up to 24 hours!

for a new form of hydration

  • Active

    Uses the skin's 5 hydration mechanisms, stimulating your skin to produce exactly what it needs.

  • Prebiotic

    Maintains the balance of the skin's microbiota, helpa to strengthen the skin's barrier and increases its hydration level.

  • Intelligent

    Balances hydration levels to meet the needs of each area of the face.

Immediate, lasting results

  • immediately

    Thanks to hyaluronic acid-BT, your skin is instantly rehydrated.

  • 7 days

    Your skin is soft and moisturised, with no signs of dryness.

  • 15 days

    Favillea stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, activating the skin's 5 hydration mechanisms

  • 30 days

    Prebiotics help maintain the balance of microbiota and strengthen the skin barrier. Your skin is rebalanced and strengthened

Ultra refreshing gel

50 ml

  • Light and refreshing formula
  • Ultra moisturising
  • Penetrates quickly
  • Suitable for all skin types

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