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To have beautiful, healthy and radiant skin, it is important to identify your skin's needs to better target them. And for treatment to be effective, any skin care routine begins with proper skin preparation. Thoroughly cleansing and toning the skin before applying skin care products helps to remove impurities and allows the products to work better. It also helps to restore comfort and promote hydration or control sebum production, depending on skin type.

To help you discover all the benefits of a complete skin care routine, Natura Chronos offers different options according to your needs and desires at a special price. Are you looking for face creams for daily use? Intensive care against wrinkles and sagging skin? Or do you simply want to revitalize and restore radiance to your skin? Then there is certainly a Chronos routine that's right for you!


These routines are for you if...
- your skin is dehydrated or shows signs of dryness and you need an instant moisture recharge
- you're looking for a simple routine to intensely moisturize your skin
- you would like to have soothed, balanced and deeply moisturized skin

These routines are composed of a cleanser and a toner adapted to your skin type, an Aqua Auto Replenish Gel Hydrator for instant water recharging and a Multi-Protective Fluid SPF 50 to protect your skin on a daily basis.

They are available in 2 versions:
- normal to dry skin
- combination to oily skin


These routines are for you if...
- you are looking for a simple facial care routine to take care of your skin day and night
- you are looking for multifunctional products that moisturize the skin while reducing the signs of skin aging (wrinkles, loss of firmness, etc.) on a daily basis
- you want to protect your skin during the day and detoxify it while you sleep

Our essential anti-signs moisturizing routines are divided into 3 ages (30+, 45+, 60+) to meet the specific needs of the skin at each stage of life. And for each age group, you'll find the most suitable version for your skin type (normal to dry, or combination to oily skin).

combination to oily skin

normal to dry skin


These routines are for you if...
- Your skin has specific needs (loss of firmness, wrinkles, dull complexion, appearance of spots...)
- You want more intense care for a targeted action (firming serums, anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish, anti-pollution, radiance, oil control...)

Complete skin care routines to cleanse, tone, intensively treat and protect your skin!

Combination to oily skin

Normal to dry skin