All united

We're vegans.
Our ingredients, derived from
biodiversity, are
harvested by
local communities
in line with the principles of
fair trade.
together we
protect the forest.

The beginning

It was at the turn of the new millennium that the Natura Ekos range of body care products was launched in Brazil, and a few years later in France, offering us a real fusion of all our values. Bem estar bem, well-being and being well, is first of all being well within yourself, within your body, but also in your relationships with others, with nature and with the world.
The time had come to make sense of consumption, with respect for nature, Brazilian biodiversity and traditions, to preserve the future for everyone, from communities to consumers, taking care to safeguard the planet's resources and the wisdom of its inhabitants, in a thoughtful approach to sustainable development that would benefit the whole world.

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The Natura Ekos range is a 100% Vegan range, made with ingredients from the Amazon that are harvested sustainably and in line with the principles of fair trade. This positive value chain is recognised as "Sourcing with respect" by UEBT, the Union for Ethical BioTrade, which observes and campaigns for good sourcing practices throughout the world that respect people, their customs, animals and nature.
Ekos products contain an average of 95% naturally sourced ingredients and use eco-designed packaging that has a low carbon footprint and is recyclable.
Made in Brazil, Ekos products help you discover Brazilian beauty traditions and offer you sensory experiences, escapism and ethics.

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Eager to reduce its impact on the environment, the new Natura Ekos range has reduced carbon emissions by 13% in its new packaging (per kg of product). In addition, considerable efforts have been made to reduce the environmental impact of our products and packaging throughout their life cycle.
All Natura Ekos bottles are 100% recyclable and contain 50% recycled PET, which gives them a transparent, slightly cloudy colour. The refills and conditioner bottles are made of 100% green plastic from sugar cane. Finally, all non-essential cardboard packaging has been removed.

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Drawing on the traditions associated with the Brazilian ingredients, Natura Ekos offers innovative skin care products with rich and unique textures. Triple phase shower oils, luxurious hand creams, body fleur de crème, Banho de leite, frescores, all these typical Brazilian beauty care products are inspired by local traditions and are brought to you by Natura Ekos to offer you the ultimate in well-being.

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Valuing biodiversity must also include valuing local Brazilian communities. As the custodians of centuries of traditional expertise, 36 rural communities provide Natura with sustainably harvested ingredients.
Natura buys these ingredients from the communities at a fair price, and also supports several associations to help the economic and social development of these families, such as opening an agricultural school or forming a cooperative.