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Açaí, the iconic fruit of the Brazilian zest for life. The fruit of an Amazonian palm tree, Açaí yields an emollient oil with antioxidant and energising properties.
More than just a fruit, the Açaí is a true symbol of Amazonian culture, as this tree cannot grow outside of its native region. Just as this palm tree is devoted to its region, the people of the Amazon are equally devoted to it: every year they joyfully celebrate the return of the Açaí harvest. The delicious fruity taste of its flesh, its distinctive purple colour, and also the cosmetic benefits of its oil, rich in essential fatty acids and with antioxidant and energising properties, all this makes Amazonian Açaí an extraordinarily powerful fruit, indispensable to the economy, but also to the cultural and social life of the Amazon.


Behind the Açaí are the members of the COFRUTA community
As in all Natura Ekos products, the ingredients derived from Brazilian biodiversity are the focus of attention.
It is the COFRUTA community, Cooperativa dos fruticultores de Abaetatuba, a community of fruit growers in the town of Abaetetuba, that harvests the Açaí berries for Natura Ekos Açaí products.
Abaetetuba is a medium-sized town located in the state of Para in the Amazon, 110km from Belem which lies in the estuary of the Amazon River.

The COFRUTA community was born in 2002, by around forty small-scale farming families who wanted to join forces to oppose the takeover of Amazonian land by intensive monoculture. Natura has forged a strong partnership with this community, which produces certified organic Açaí, as well as other fruits and oilseeds. Natura Brasil has learnt about all the benefits of Açaí fruit and oil from this community, and in return COFRUTA has benefited from Natura's advice, has improved the quality of its harvests in response to our sustainable development commitments, and is able to be paid for its harvests at a fair price. Today, COFRUTA has 120 members, who are proudly faithful to their Amazonian roots and happy to be able to preserve their traditional expertise, pass it on to future generations and make a good living from it. This partnership reflects all the values Natura holds dear: a profound respect for nature and the people who live in it, the desire to preserve the traditions of Amazonia and Brazil, and the desire to offer quality products with rich formulations that awaken the senses of consumers all over the world. Two other Brazilian communities supply Natura with Açaí berries in addition to COFRUTA and a total of nearly 660 families benefit from this partnership.


Every year, the abundant Açaí harvest takes place between September and December. This time of the year is eagerly awaited by the people of the Amazon, because Açaí is unique to this region and its sweet, fruity taste makes it very popular with the locals. The palm tree on which the Açaí grows has a fairly thin trunk (about 20 cm in diameter), but can grow up to 20 m high, giving it a beautifully elegant appearance.

The men harvest Açaí in the traditional way just as their ancestors did: they climb up the long trunks using their bare hands and feet, and pick the "bunches" of ripe fruit. The Açaí is then collected in large baskets and quickly taken to the market in Belèm because Açaí is best eaten fresh. Rich in vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids Omega 6 and 9, Açaí is also packed with anthocyanins, the natural pigments that give it its dark purple colour and its antioxidant properties.

Natura Ekos Açaí products contain Açaí oil extracted from the seeds of the fruit, providing hydration and energy and leaving your skin delicately scented with exotic fruity notes.


The Açaí fruit has a very distinctive deep purple colour and offers a host of benefits for the skin: rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E, as well as minerals (iron, manganese, potassium), it is also a good source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C and E.... a powerhouse of energy. Lastly, the emollient properties of the Açaí oil extracted from the berries leave skin soft and hydrated.