• Natura Ekos Andiroba

The ally from the Amazon

In the Tupi Guarani language of Amazonia, Andiroba means "that has a bitter taste", which is the case of the Andiroba seed and its precious oil. But this rich oil with a bitter taste holds many treasures, including powerful anti-inflammatory, cleansing and anti-parasite virtues. It has therefore been a choice ally in protecting the populations of Amazonia for centuries.

Andiroba is harvested in the region of Belém, at the mouth of the Amazon River. Natura's partner communities collect the many seeds that have fallen to the ground, respecting the tree, and leave part of the seeds on site to allow the animals to feed and the forest to regenerate. The seeds then dry for a month before being pressed to give their rich oil.

Andiroba oil has many beneficial properties. Rich in Omega 9, it can restore the skin and strengthen its defense mechanisms. Present in the body products of the Ekos Andiroba range, it also has soothing virtues and diffuses a powerful fragrance, both woody and very aromatic, which also contributes to deep relaxation.

Ekos Andiroba skin care products, with Andiroba oil from the Amazon, are perfect for moisturizing the skin and strengthening the skin barrier. They leave your skin soft and intensely scented with powerful woody and aromatic notes.

Repair and protect with Ekos andiroba