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Discover Patauá, the hidden power of the Amazon

The fruit of a huge Amazonian palm tree, Patauá is known by the local people for its clear oil with green and golden hues. This oval-shaped fruit whose dark shades range from brown to burgundy is also sometimes called the Amazon olive. Its oil, which is similar in colour to that of olive oil, is also very rich in plant proteins, fatty acids and omega 9.

Natura research has developed a unique extraction process for this oil, which preserves the phyto-complex it contains without damaging it, and therefore yields a powerful biological asset to provide strength and growth to fine or damaged hair.

It is thanks to the strengthening and repairing properties of Patauá oil that Ekos Patauá hair care products are able to repair fragile hair by making it strong and hydrated.

Through Patauá, the Amazonia women are sending you their strength...

On the edge of the Amazon, in the Brazilian state of Acre, near the border with Peru, there is a very special extractive reserve: the "Chico Mendes" reserve, named after the famous trade unionist and defender of the Amazon, who for years was peacefully committed to securing decent working conditions for small Brazilian agricultural producers and unfortunately paid for this commitment with his life.

The spirit of Chico Mendes still lives on in this community, now led by his cousin Raimundo, who continues to champion his ideas. But today it is Raimundo's daughter, Ronaira Barros, who is the spokesperson for the women of this community. The young woman is proud to harvest Patauá, which she transports on her bicycle with her friends along the region's worn-out dirt roads. It's hard, exhausting work, but it makes them very happy, because it allows them to lead a good life, in the community, in harmony with their commitment to forest conservation. These women are keen to pass on this sense of pride, this strength, to their children, to show them that they too are contributing to this society and that they too can provide for their families.

Patauá not only helps to strengthen your hair, it also helps to strengthen all those women and men who harvest it sustainably in the Amazon today. Today, 387 families in the Amazon harvest Patauá for Natura Brasil in a sustainable way, that's over 1500 people, preserving more than 30,000 hectares of primary forest.

The benefits of Patauá for your hair

Rich in fatty acids and omega 9, Patauá oil and its powerful phytocomplex strengthens and repairs damaged hair.

The Ekos Patauá range features a shampoo and conditioner that strengthen and repair fragile and breakable hair. 

Patauá Restorative Oil has numerous benefits: it adds shine to the hair, leaves it softer and repairs split ends as well as protecting it from the heat of the hair dryer or straighteners.


Strength and repair for your hair