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Your hair, the real you

Your hair says everything about you. Our new expert hair care products let your true personality express itself. Natura Lumina recognizes that every woman and every hair type has a unique beauty, like no other. Thanks to advanced biotechnology, Natura Lumina offers care systems for every specific need, with proven results, without exaggeration. Healthier hair, regenerated to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

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All hair types

Brazil is a wonderful land of mixtures: the different waves of immigration have gradually mixed with the native Brazilian Amerindians to produce, over the centuries, one of the richest ethnic diversities in the world, representing all skin colours and all hair types and colours. Thanks to this abundance of cultures and people, Brazil has become a preferred location for developing hair care products and has real expertise in this field. Outstanding knowledge of the different hair types and their needs has enabled Natura research to create unprecedented hair care products, precisely adapted to the different hair types and their specific requirements.

The intelligence of nature

Natura has always been inspired by the beauty and magnificent organisation of nature. Our researchers have identified that the proteins that make up the hair have a structure similar to the proteins present in the thin and resistant webs woven by spiders. Following on from this discovery, our research laboratories reproduced this protein and created Pro-teia Biotechnology. Like a spider's web, a true natural work of art, this protein can combine with the proteins naturally present in our hair and allow the repair of specific areas where the hair fibre is damaged. It repairs hair by replicating the intelligence of nature and targeting the exact requirement. No more, no less.

The beauty of science

Based on biomimetics, the method inspired by nature to create bridges between biology and technology, and biotechnology, Lumina regenerates your hair, strand by strand, and makes it healthier from the very first application.

How Pró-teia Biotechnology works

A protein that specifically repairs damaged areas of the capillary fibre.

Straight hair
Dry hair

Dry Hair Treatment System 

The Pro-Teia biotechnology combined with Nutrirevitalization active rebuild the hair cortex and strengthen the fiber leaving nourished, easy to care, and twice as strong and resistant.