• The skincare line for men from Natura

    a complete skincare line designed especially for men

    Discover the world of Natura HOMEM. Inspired by the wonders of Brazil's biodiversity, these 9 new treatments focus on the needs of male skin and have been created to deliver pleasure and well-being.
    Discover the benefits of plant ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity in the HOMEM range.

    The best ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity



    Cupuaçu is a fruit native to the Amazon. The tree is a cousin of the Cacao and produces magnificent red flowers and large pods filled with beans rich in linoleic acid.
    Cupuaçu betaine is extracted from these beans, a very gentle cleansing agent found in facial cleansing gel and shampoo for greasy hair.


    The moisturising and soothing powers of Copaíba oil are legendary in the Amazon.
    This oil extracted from Copaíba sap is traditionally used by local communities as a healing balm for the skin.
    Copaíba oil protects and soothes your skin while leaving it delicately scented with fresh and woody notes, both elegant and masculine.


    Candeia essential oil is obtained by distilling the wood of the Candeia, a tree native to the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, with a high alpha-bisabolol content.
    The benefits of Candeia: Anti-inflammatory and soothing action, protects and regenerates the skin, softens the skin.

  • Hair care

    Treatment of dandruff, greasy or dry hair

    Hair care


    Cleanses hair deep down with long-lasting and effective dandruff removal. Its formula combines the antimicrobial action of zinc with the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of Amazonian Copaíba oil.Find out more


    Combining Amazonian Cupuaçu betaine with a vitamin complex, this refreshing shampoo cleanses greasy hair deep down, helps rebalance the scalp and controls sebum production. Find out more


    Its 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner formula cleans and hydrates your hair in one single step and is particularly suitable for dry hair that is difficult to control or a worn a little longer.Find out more

  • Shaving

    Hydrate, trim or soothe


    Shaving oil

    Tthe ideal product for men who want to trim their beard with precision while protecting and moisturising their skin. Thanks to the combination of the hydrating power of glycerine and the soothing, healing properties of Copaíba oil from the Amazon, it keeps skin hydrated, protects it from irritation and regenerates it. Find out more

    Shaving cream

    With a creamy texture that makes shaving easier, this cream softens the skin and allows the razor blade to glide smoothly, for a close, very comfortable shave. Find out more

    After-shave balm

    Soothes razor burn and leaves skin soft, and pleasantly moisturised. Its alcohol-free formula, ideal for sensitive skin, combines the healing and regenerating power of Amazonian Copaíba oil with the soothing properties of Chamomile extract.Find out more

    Beard oil

    The perfect way to complete your shaving ritual, this oil is ideal for beard care: it tames and softens the hair, leaving it silky, shiny and delicately fragranced. Find out more

  • Facial care

    Cleanses, protects and moisturises the skin

    Facial care

    Cleansing gel

    This cleansing gel has a formula which combines salicylic acid with betaine from Cupuaçu, an Amazonian fruit, cleansing the skin deep down, unclogging pores and controlling sebum production.Find out more

    Anti-ageing moisturiser

    A multifunctional facial product that hydrates your skin and protects it from the sun's rays with its SPF 30 sun filter. It reduces shine on oily skin and leaves skin feeling smooth and dry. Find out more