Natura, the leading perfume house in Brazil

What could be more beautiful and mysterious than a fragrnace to awaken our senses?

Whether it is the one we're wearing, to give ourselves some courage, to seduce a loved one, or just for a little extra energy, or the one we smell that reminds us of a loved one, a special moment or a happy memory, at Natura perfume is a true expertise and its expression is a real art.
Well-known by all Brazilians, the Natura perfume house blends olfactory compositions of the highest quality, with original ingredients from Brazilian and Amazonian biodiversity, with organic alcohol, to prove that elegance, innovation and ethics can coexist sustainably.

Proven expertise

At Natura, besides using the best suppliers of perfume raw materials in the world, we are fortunate to have our own expert perfumer, Veronica Kato, who for many years has put her extensive experience in perfumery to good use in Natura's exclusive creations.
In our laboratories in Cajamar, Brazil, near Sao Paulo, Veronica and her team continually evaluate, rework and improve all of our fragrances, turning them into pure olfactory delights.


Ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity

As in all Natura products, one of our priorities is to use ingredients from Brazilian biodiversity, sustainably harvested by local communities, particularly in the Amazon.
This is also the case in our fragrances, and this is what makes them unique and authentic: the finest raw materials combined with rare ingredients from the Amazon, which give them a powerful elegance and exoticism.

Organic alcohol and recycled glass

Natura is a company strongly committed to sustainable development and this is also reflected in our fragrances: all our fragrances are made from 100% organic alcohol from sugar cane.
Our bottles are also eco-designed and all contain up to 30% recycled glass. Thanks to these and all Natura's other environmental actions, we can guarantee that our products are 100% carbon neutral and do not impact global warming.


Emotions that really move you

Each fragrance is a story in its own right, a concentration of emotions and sensations that can transport you in an instant to another place, to another time, that can take you on a journey without even leaving the room.
This is also the power of Natura perfumes: they take you to another world, offering more original and authentic fragrances, to help you live the life you have always dreamed of.

Our fragrance ranges