Smell is directly linked to our emotions, our mood, our feeling of well-being. For Natura Brasil, the best fragrance that can exist is the one created by nature. And our fragrances are inspired by nature! Natura Brasil has combed Brazilian biodiversity, especially in the Amazon, for new scents, to discover fragrances so rich that they give our perfumes a unique character.
All Natura Brasil fragrances contain an exclusive combination of essential oils from Brazilian biodiversity. An olfactory signature developed by Veronica Kato, Natura Brasil's exclusive nose, working alongside some of the greatest perfumers in Paris and New York. The fragrances created as a result of this joint venture are sophisticated and modern, yet at the same time exotic and unique. 


Fragrances that inspire, stir up feelings and awaken our emotions. Natura Brasil creates fragrances we identify with and that help to express who we are. In addition, all Natura Brasil perfumes are produced with organic alcohol, made from sugar cane grown without chemical fertilizers and harvested in an environmentally friendly way. Natura Brasil, unique perfume creator.