Natura Brasil

50 years of Bem Estar Bem

Natura was founded 50 years ago, in 1969, with the opening of the first store in São Paulo. From these humble roots, Natura became the largest beauty brand in Brazil and a major force in the beauty sector throughout Latin America and the world.
Born from two passions, Cosmetics and Relations, Natura Brasil develops a new approach of beauty that is based on strong values: respect of nature and humans, and the transmission of well-being.
Natura  is proud to be recognized for the quality of its beauty products but also for its commitments to transparency, to sustainable development and to the promotion of “Bem-estar bem”.
Natura offers cosmetic products respectful of the planet and humans, composed of 80% of vegetal ingredients, all harvest in a sustainable way by local communities in Brazil, according to the fair-trade principles.
All these values daily shared make Natura the N°1 beauty brand in Brazil and a cherished brand for Brazilian people around the world. Today, Natura is part of the group Natura & Co, together with The Body Shop and Aesop. Together these brands work to create more engaged cosmetics, more equitable, with a high concentration of natural and vegetal ingredients and a proven efficacy.

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Natura is founded by Luiz Seabra and opens its first in store in the traditional Oscar Freire shopping street in São Paulo.


Launch of the Truly Beautiful Woman campaign, encouraging women to discover and value their own beauty at every age.


First association with traditional communities in the Amazon region.


Brand headquarters moved to a new complex in Cajamar - São Paulo.


IPO Bovespa


Launch of Natura Musical program to support Brazilian music and culture.


Launch of Paris operations.


Introduction of ecologically correct refill packaging made from green plastic, which is made out of sugarcane ethanol.


Instituto Natura, a non-profit organization, is established, committed to working to improve the public basic education.


Natura Amazon Innovation Center opens in Manaus, aiming to expand the company´s presence in the Amazon region and drive local development.


Acquisition of Aesop


Inauguration of Ecoparque in the Amazon region and Natura became the largest and first publicly traded company to attain B Corp sustainability certification.


Natura awarded U.N.Champions of the Earth prize.