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When joining Natura Brasil, not only do you get to board in a great adventure, but you also get on board with a team of passionnate people who are motivated by daily challenges. This experience is lived within the boundaries of our values, and the rspect of our essence. Take genuine care of the people, so that each person can fullfill its job and go beyond, to the fullfillment of his/her personnality. This is the goal of Natura Brasil bem estar bem philosophy. 


Well being is our priority "bem estar bem", so we develop well being actions all year round. Different tools allow us to make sure that this objective is reached : for example we have a "climate study" which we conduct every year, to make sure we are aware of how the people working at Natura brasil percieve their work conditions. This study leads to an action plan. In 2013, the action plan included the creation of a award recognition price, the creation of a study group on working conditions, the launch of a pay awareness barometer, etc etc. 


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