Defense and restoration 70+

Reduce wrinkles, even the deep ones, increase defenses and protect the skin, give comfort, hydrate and nourish the skin in depth.

Anti-ageing day cream 70+

Anti-ageing night cream 70+  

A perfect skin in 60 days

  • Immediately  Give comfort to the skin and moisturize in depth
  • 7 daysNourish and restore the skin
  • 15 daysIncrease the resistance and the natural defences of the skin
  • 30 days Improve the texture of the skin and reduce wrinkles
  • 60 days Reduce deep wrinkles


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With Passiflora extract
The extract of Passiflora, obtained from the oil of the seeds of the Maracujá (species Passiflora edulis), is a component rich in Omega 6, essential for the skin nutrition. It acts as a natural substitute for ceramides, oily molecules (lipids) naturally present in the skin: their main role is to ensure a good cohesion of the cells of the epidermis, preventing loss of water and protecting the skin from external aggressions . From 70 years on, the natural production of ceramides is slowed down; It is therefore necessary to compensate for this loss of ceramides in order to guarantee a good functioning of the barrier function and optimal hydration of the skin. The skin is more nourished, protected and wrinkles are softened.

Chronos icône info

With Saccharides
Saccharides are sugars that have important biological functions: they are able to interact with cellular receptors. They play a key role in cellular communication and between cells and epidermal structures, acting directly in the formation of the skin barrier.
Objectively, the saccharides increase the thickness of the epidermis, promote a faster recovery of the skin barrier and preserve its integrity. As a result, they help to increase the skin's natural defenses and protect it from external aggressions.