Chronos Aqua

Stimulate your skin

5x more hydrated skin in 24 hours

An innovative technology instantly to recharge skin with water

  • Active

    Activates skin’s 5 natural mechanisms of hydration stimulating skin to produce the hydration it needs.

  • Prebiotic

    Maintains skin’s microbiome balanced by strengthening skin barrier and providing continuous hydration.

  • Smart

    Increases hydration levels where needed so skin feels comfortable all over.

A proven efficiency

  • Immediately

    Skin 5x more hydrated up to 24 h

  • After 7 days

    Soft, moisturized skin, free from signs of dehydration

  • After 15 days

    Activates skin’s 5 natural mechanisms of hydration and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid

  • After 30 days

    Skin is rebalanced, skin barrier is strengthened

Gel hydrator

50 ml

  • Stimulates your skin to self-hydrate
  • Refreshing and light formula
  • Intelligent moisturizing technology
  • Ideal for all skin types