A fresh and natural complexion just the way you want it! 

The "no make-up" make-up trend has revealed the desire to have a natural look, to enhance the beauty of the skin without hiding it and to have a radiant and unified complexion.

The new Natura Chronos complexion care products complement your face care routine with the essentials for a natural make-up and flawless finish.

The perfect combination of make-up and face care for the perfect complexion you've always desired.  

Make up primer blur effect 

Essential for evening out skin texture and prolonging makeup.

- you'd like a unified complexion for a perfect make-up
- you want to even out the texture of your skin
- you wish to disguise pores and fine lines
- you’re looking for a product that will help your make up last

This make up primer with blur effect instantly transforms skin with a matte finish and velvety feel. It blurs imperfections, disguising fine lines and pores, unifies skin tone and reduces shine, making your make-up last longer. Transparent, it suits all skin types and tones, being ideal even for men.

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CC Cream SPF 25

Multi-function skin care to unify the complexion, moisturize and oxygenate your skin.

- you want to wear natural looking make-up and have flawless skin.
- you are looking for a make-up product that takes care of your skin at the same time
- you need a multi-purpose product that blurs all imperfections (fine lines, dark circles, spots)
- you wish to have a hydrated, detoxified and oxygenated skin

These CC Creams are the perfect combination of high-performance skin care and make-up. Featuring exclusive DetOX technology, Amazonian Murumuru butter and optical diffusers, this light, non-greasy cream helps eliminate toxins from the cells, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin and protecting it against everyday external aggressions.


Serum foundation SPF 18

Ultra-fluid and long-lasting, for precise application and a perfect finish!

- you are looking for a foundation that takes care of your skin and protects it on a daily basis
- you like ultra-fluid and silky textures
- you prefer foundations that allow layering for a gradual and precise application
- you want a perfect, velvety and long-lasting finish

These serum foundations are a perfect combination of make-up and facial care. The ultra-fluid and light texture allows layering up to precisely build the desired coverage. It dries quickly and adheres perfectly to the skin, leaving a natural, silky effect that is sweat resistant and lasts up to 24 hours.