We are
all one
with nature

We are vegan.
We use fair trade
ingredients from
the amazon. We
work with local
communities to
keep the forest


Created at the beginning of the 2000 years, Natura Ekos is a range of body care that wishes to awaken everyone's conscience to the accelerated exploitation of the planet resources.
The desire to value brazilian biodiversity is one of the pillars of Natura Ekos.
The ingredients used in our formulas are harvested sustainably, according to strict standards of culture: without pesticides, or synthetic fertilizer.

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Natura Ekos is a Vegan care range for body and hair, it mainly contains Amazonian ingredients that are sustainably sourced, following Fairtrade principles. This highly positive value circle has received the label “Sourcing with respect” by UEBT, Union for Ethical Bio Trade, that advocates worldwide best practices in raw material sourcing, respecting people, animals and nature.
Natura Ekos products contain in average 95% of natural origin ingredients and use ecological packaging, that are recyclable and with low carbon footprint.
Our products are made in Brazil and let you discover the beauty traditions of Brazil combining sensoriality, exotism and ethics.

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To reduce our environmental impact, the new Ekos line launched in 2013 has lessend by 13% the carbon emissions on the packagings (per kg sold).
All Ekos packagings are now 100% recyclable, and made out ouf 50% recycled PET.
Our refills and our conditionners bottles are made out of 100% green plastic coming from sugar cane.

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The development of the brazilian biodiversity goes by the developmet of the local communities. These local communities share an ancestral know how on ingredients and their benefits. Natura Brasil works with 36 local communities to provide us with those biodiversity ingredients. We pay a fair price in respect with fair trade, but also help local organisations to help develop and sustain those families, economically as well as socially. For example by opening schools.

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Our products are formulated with fair trade biodiversity ingredients from the Amazon, - such as Castanha, Açaí, Ucuuba and Patauá -, gathered by local Amazonian communities. We work with them to develop sustainable practices that collaborate to keep the forest standing.