• Natura Ekos Breu Branco

Breu Branco, the precious aroma of Amazonia

The Breu Branco is a tree native to the Amazon that can grow 20 to 30 metres tall. It naturally produces a very fragrant resin which solidifies in its trunk. This resin looks like a grey rock and has been used for centuries by Amazonian people as a natural incense, to keep away unwanted insects, fragrance their homes and prepare sacred baths and rituals.


An exceptional fragrance

Breu Branco resin has powerful aromatic woody and spicy notes that make it a rare and highly valued ingredient, particularly suited to body care products and perfumes. In the Breu Branco range of products, the Breu Branco aroma blends with the creamier and more familiar notes of sandalwood and Brazilian Cumaru, offering a truly unique and typically Brazilian fragrance experience.


Sustainable and respectful harvesting

Like all our ingredients from the Amazon, Breu Branco is harvested in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way by Amazonian communities. Its harvesting and use in Natura products follows the principles of fair trade. The solidified aromatic Breu Branco resin is collected from the ground or delicately detached from the trunk of the tree and brought to the community cooperative. The Breu Branco trees are not felled and can continue to support these communities for many years to come.

The Brazilian banho tradition

Since the dawn of time, countless cultures around the world have attributed mysterious powers to water. Bathing is more than just washing your body. It also means freeing it from impurities and empowering it with magical powers, associated with beauty, pleasure and happiness... In Brazil, the banho is a genuine tradition and has this dual function of refreshing the body and purifying the spirit, thanks to powerful aromatic fragrances that are seen as sacred, such as Breu Branco.