Discovering Patauá, the hidden power of Amazonia

Patauá is the fruit of a tall Amazonian palm tree. It is known by the Amazon people for its golden green oil, and it is sometimes compared to the Mediterranean olive, as it egg shape and brown colour are close to well ripe olive. Its rich oil contains many vegetal proteins, fatty acids and omega 9.

Natura Brasil research experts have found out a unique extraction process that enables to collect Patauá oil without damaging the powerful phyto-complex it contains. The bio-active in Patauá oil is ideal to repair thin and fragile hair and to bring them strength and hydration.

Through Patauá, women from the Amazon give you their strength

In the deepest part of Amazonia, in the state of Acre, close to the Peru border, live the people from the extractivist reserve of Chico Mendes. The reserve was name after the famous Chico Mendes, a worldwide known trade unionist and fierce defender of the Amazon region. In the 1980s, Chico Mendes acted publicly and peacefully to ensure better work conditions for small Brazilian farmers and alerted to whole world about the massive deforestation in the Amazon region. He unfortunately paid his brave behavior by his life in the late 1980s.

Today, the spirit of Chico Mendes still lives in this community, as Raimundo Mendes, Chico’s cousin, now leads the reserve, following Chico Mendes ideas and beliefs. But the community is also strongly fueled by wonderful women, Ronaira Barros, Raimundo’s daughter is one of them. The young woman is proud to harvest Patauá, that she carries on old bicycles upon damaged roads with her friends. It is a hard and exhausting work, but it brings them a lot of happiness, because it means good life, under the loving protection of the community, living in line with their values of forest preservation. Their pride, their strength, all these women are happy to transmit it to their daughters and son, to show them that they can help rising their family too, that they have the power in their hands.

Patauá brings strength to your hair, but it also brings strength to all those who nowadays harvest it in a sustainable way in Amazonia.Currently, 387 families are harvesting Patauá for Natura Brasil in a sustainable way, meaning over 1500 people, that preserve over 74 000 acres of rainforest.

Patauá cares for your hair

Rich in fatty acids and omega 9, Patauá oil and its powerful phyto-complex brings strength and repair to fragile hair.

The Ekos Patauá range consists in 3 complementary products:

  • 1 restorative shampoo for damaged and fragile hair / sulfate free
  • 1 restorative conditioner for damaged and fragile hair / sulfate free
  • 1 restorative and multifunction hair oil: that brings shine, repairs split ends and protect the hair from the heat of hair dryer or straightening iron.