• Natura Ekos Pitanga

Pitanga, the symbol of tropical freshness

A small fruit typical of Brazil, the brightly coloured Pitanga has a sweet and tangy taste that is a favourite with Brazilian children. Pitangueira leaves are traditionally used during celebrations to cover the ground: very rich in essential oil, they diffuse an extraordinary sweet and exotic fragrance when they are walked on.
This fruit is grown by the Fazenda Alpina and Turvo communities using sustainable methods.

Ekos By Natura

Created in the 2000s, Natura Ekos is a range of body care products that aims to awaken everyone's consciences in the face of the accelerating exploitation of the planet's resources.
The desire to enhance Brazilian biodiversity is one of the pillars of Natura Ekos. The ingredients used in our formulas are harvested sustainably, following strict cultivation standards: without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.