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Amazonian Ucuuba has incredible restorative and hydrating properties. Discover this authentic Brazilian ingredient in a new line of deeply moisturising body care products.  
Find 4 essential products enriched with Ucuuba butter, with a mild fragrance and a creamy, silky texture with warm floral notes.

Discover Ucuuba, the repairing and moisturising butter from the heart of the Amazon.

Ucuuba is the fruit of the Ucuubeira tree, which grows in the wetlands, banks and streams of the Amazonian regions, specifically in the forests of Várzea and Igapós.

When they are ripe, the fruits of the Ucuubeira detach from the tree, the red seeds separate from it and they are so light that they float on the flooded areas, forming a pretty red carpet that undulates with the rhythm of the currents. These easily recognisable red ribbed seeds, add colour to the deep green of the Amazonian forest.

These precious seeds also contain a delicate butter with intense nourishing and moisturising properties and a soft, velvety texture. Thanks to its ultra-light texture, Ucuuba butter is perfect for moisturising and repairing even the driest skin without leaving a greasy or sticky residue on the skin.

The history of the Ucuuba tree

In the Tupi language, the dialect of the Amazonian peoples, Ucuuba means "butter tree", its etymology comes from the words UKU (fat) and UBÁ (tree). Formerly used in folk medicine to treatment a range of diseases, the Indians used to carry Ucuuba serum from the seeds during their travels to apply to wounds.

Today, butter extracted from Ucuuba seeds is used in the manufacture of cosmetics, candles and perfumes. The butter has multiple uses in everyday medicine, mainly in the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, cramps, etc.
The history of Ucuuba as an ingredient has gone through several phases. First of all, the harvest of these red seed reached its peak in the 1960s - 1970s, when it was used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. The big turning point came in 1954 when a US Air Force pilot detected the high concentration of Ucuuba in the Marajó Island area and sent wood samples to Georgia Pacific Co. for testing.

Tests demonstrated the excellent quality of the wood for the plywood industry. This was an important discovery for the wood industry and a dramatic development for this tree, since it made Ucuuba one of the most exported wood species of the Amazonian estuary.

From overexploitation to sustainable use of Ucuuba

Felling Ucuuba trees became common practice in the Amazon regions, as local populations gradually abandoned harvesting fruit (an activity carried out by previous generations). Ucuuba wood has great economic potential, its wood is used in the manufacture of veneer, plywood, packaging, toys, pencils etc.. Because of this predacious exploitation, this valuable tree species was included in the IBAMA* list of endangered species in 1992. This is where Natura plays an important role in the preservation of this species.

The new Natura Ekos Ucuuba line promotes the sustainable use ofUcuuba by providing added value to this tree. Natura pays particular attention to the production chain of the species. Ucuuba is no longer used only for its wood but also for its seeds. And by harvesting its seeds sustainably, families in our partner communities triple their income, compared to selling wood alone.

This responsible harvesting makes sustainable cultivation and conservation of the forests possible. The production of Ucuuba and the other ingredients used by Natura in the Amazon, therefore helps to conserve areas at risk of deforestation, representing the equivalent of 70,000 football pitches, and provides employment for more than 1,100 families in the Ribeirao region of the Amazon, in a fair trade relationship.

Today, thanks to the action of the local populations helped by Natura in the Amazonian estuary, Ucuuba is no longer on the updated IBAMA list of endangered species. This is a great source of pride for Natura and a concrete example of working together to benefit the environment.

*IBAMA, the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources, is the body responsible for environmental protection. 

The benefits of ucuuba for your skin

These new products from the Ekos Ucuuba range enriched with Ucuuba butter repair and hydrate your skin while leaving a soft, creamy fragrance with floral notes. The Ekos Ucuuba range consists of :

Moisturising body lotion

Enriched with Ucuuba butter harvested in the heart of Brazil, this moisturising body lotion hydrates and repairs your skin. Find out more

Hand cream

Enriched with Ucuuba butter and Murumuru butter with nourishing and repairing properties, ucuuba hand cream nourishes and protects your skin for up to 30 hours, your hands are delicately scented with mouth-watering notes and your nails are strengthened. Find out more

Cleansing shower cream

This shower cream gently cleanses your skin while delivering softness and hydration. Find out more

Moisturising body butter

Enriched with Ucuuba butter harvested in the heart of Brazil, this moisturising body butter hydrates and repairs your skin. Find out more

Repair and moisturise your skin

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