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Laetitia, Birchbox Customer

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"This handcream is just awesome! My hands are so sweet..."

Juliette, Birchbox Customer

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"Awesome cream for the hands, divine and protective"

Fabienne, Amazon customer

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"This cream perfectly moisturizes hands without leaving a greasy film"

Ophélie, Amazon customer

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"Very nice without a greasy film, I love it"

Sdgenest, Aufeminin.com expert

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"A big favorite for the fragrance of the product"

Juliette, Aufeminin.com expert

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Perfect hands in 2 minutes

Your hands can say a lot about you. Discover in video how to have beautiful hands in just 2 minutes, by delicately exfoliating them and moisturising them intensely using the Ekos Castanha handcream.

Damaged hands 101

Your hands are very damaged, your skin is dry, tight and cracks, and you don't know what to do to find comfort and softness? Thankfully, we have the solution for you! Try our Ekos Castanha pulp handcream for hydration and use it as a mask for an intense repair. Say goodbye to damaged hands, and hello to hydration and comfort!

Express and natural manicure

Want to have bright and resistant nails without going through the nail polish? This is possible with the natural express manicure: the Ekos pulp handcream is applied with a massage focused on the nails and cuticles. In a few minutes the result is there: the nails are smoother, more brilliant and more resistant, and all that without nail polish! A good tip to keep nails natural and clean on a daily basis.