MAMÃE E BEBÊ : the Fundamental Love

la relation maman & bébé

Natura Brasil is born from the encounter of two passions: passion for cosmetics and the passion of relations, as a principle of harmony.

The Relationship, fundamental value of sustainable development is at the heart of our commitments. Respecting the other and establishing real and sustainable links are a priority to participate in the building of a better world. The Relationship is born as soon as there is a first contact between a mother and her baby.

The dream of every mother and every father is to see their child grow up independent and happy. The first feelings of the baby have therefore a paramount importance, as they will define his development and the way he will experiment his relationship with the world.

The moment where life appears, the strength of this love can already be felt in the link between the mother and her baby. Natura Brasil calls this the fundamental love.


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DDiscover our new cleansing gel to take care of the body and hair of your baby.
This gentle cleansing gel was specially designed for babies daily cleansing. Its formula, enriched with plant-origin ingredients, contains vegetable glycerin, Passiflora oil and a gentle cleansing agent extracted from the Cupuaçu, a fruit from Amazon forest. It gently cleanses the baby's fine hair and delicate skin, leaving them lightly scented.


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Vegetable-based massage oil

Especially designed to care for a baby's delicate skin


le massage de bébé

During the massage, every contact between the mother and the baby strengthens the link between them, and helps the child to become more sure of himself, more satisfied and happier. The Mamãe e Bebê line offers a method inspired by the Shantala massage, a millennial massage that Indian mothers used for their babies.
It is composed of different movements: on the face... on the chest... on the arms and hands... on the belly... on the legs and feet... and, finally, on the back of the baby.
Other exercises are also proposed to relieve the stress on the bone joints. They can be made before or after the massage. If possible, extend the massage with a bath. The contact of the warm water on the baby's skin is very pleasant and relaxing.


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Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experience, but also one of the most difficult. From the beginning of her pregnancy the mom-to-be discover changes that will transform her body and her mind.
Taking care of her diet, her feelings, her body, asking for advice to both relatives and specialists, she raises awareness of the changes that occur. By taking care of her, the mom-to-be will grow the love that she will later share with her child and is more likely to fully live a bloomy pregnancy and motherhood.
Being a mother is a unique and personal experience during which the woman discovers that she can count on the strength of her love to deal with new situations which will be part of her life.
After the birth of her baby, the mother will fully live her motherhood and her relationship with her child. The most important is the quality of the relationship, the link being built between the mother and the child. Every woman has her way to apprehend her condition of being a mother and the more she will feel comfortable with this new world the more she will be a happy mother.


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The father's role is very important in the life of the mother and the baby. His presence will provide a serene and reassuring environment for the development of both the pregnancy and the motherhood. It may support the mother during this phase by helping to strengthen the mother-baby link which is the first link that the baby will experience in life.
The relationship of the father and the baby can also exist from the beginning of the pregnancy, even if most often the man feels himself as a father the first time he helds his child in his arms. During the pregnancy, the father can grow and strengthen his link with his baby by touching, talking and singing through the womb of the mother.
After birth, the father can help the mother dealing with the baby. The father can also visually communicate with his child or interact with the baby by touching him during massages or bathing. He can also sing or speak to the baby or share the skin smell when holding him in his arms.
By helping to care for the baby, the man tightens his link with the mother of the baby and helps her live her motherhood with more assurance and tranquility. By discovering and exercising hisrole, the father will tighten its father-baby link and his love will be a stimulant for the development and the contact of the baby with the outside world as an individual independent, affectionate and balanced.