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  • Natura Mamãe e Bebê


the mother & baby relationship

Natura was born from the meeting of two passions: the passion for cosmetics, a way of getting to know yourself, and the passion for relationships, a harmonious concept in a world where everything is interdependent.

Relationships are a fundamental part of sustainable development and are at the heart of our values and committments. Respecting others and establishing real, lasting relationships are vital to participate in building a better world. The first relationship is between Mother and Baby.

Every mother and father dreams of seeing their child grow up independent and happy. So baby's first emotions are fundamentally important, because they will determine his/her development and your child's view of their relationship with the world throughout their life.

From the moment life begins, the strength of this love can already be felt in the bond between mother and baby. Natura calls this Fundamental Love.


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Gentle cleansing gel for hair and body

To take the best care of your baby's body and hair

This gentle cleansing gel has been specially designed for everyday bay care. Its highly plant-based formula is enriched with plant based glycerins and contains a mild cleansing agent extracted from Cupuaçu, a fruit native to the Amazon.

It gently cleanses baby's fine hair and sensitive skin, leaving it delicately scented.


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Plant based massage oil

Specially designed to take care of baby's delicate skin.

After bathing

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Moisturising lotion

Moisturises baby's skin for 24 hours, helping to protect it from drying out.

Time for a stroll

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Eau de toilette 

Combines the light notes of bergamot with the sweet tones of musk.


baby massage

During massage, contact between mother and baby strengthens the bond between them and helps the child to become more self-confident, more fulfilled and happier. The Mamãe e Bebê range offers a method inspired by the Shantala massage, a thousand-year-old massage that Indian mothers gave to their babies.

It involves different movements: on the face... on the chest... on the arms and hands... on the belly... on the legs and feet... and, finally, on baby's back.

There are also other exercises to relieve tension in the joints. They can be done before or after the massage. If possible, extend the massage with a bath. The feeling of lukewarm water on baby's skin is very pleasant and relaxing.


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Becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding tasks, but also one of the most difficult. From the very beginning of pregnancy, the mother-to-be experiences changes that transform her body and her identity.

By paying attention to her food, her feelings, her body, by massaging herself to get to know herself better, by asking for help from people close to her and from specialists, she understands better that her new identity and the changes that are taking place are fundamentally important. By taking care of herself, the mother-to-be feels the love that she will later pass on to her child and will have a better chance of having a happy pregnancy and motherhood.

Being a mother is a unique and individual experience when a woman discovers that she can count on the strength of her love to face the new challenges that will be part of her life.

After her baby is born, so long as she doesn't try to be perfect at any cost, she will experience motherhood and her relationship with her child to the fullest. The quality of the relationship is the most important, the bond that is forged between mother and child. Every woman has her own way of understanding her life as a mother, and the more comfortable she feels with this new world, the happier she will be as a mother.


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The role of father is very important in the lives of the mother and the baby. His presence will provide a peaceful and reassuring atmosphere throughout the pregnancy and early motherhood. He will be able to support the mother throughout this phase by helping her to strengthen the mother-baby bond, which is the first connection that baby makes with life.

The relationship between father and baby can also exist from the moment of conception, even though most people only feel like a father when they first hold their child in their arms. During this stage, the father can cultivate and strengthen his bond with his baby by touching and massaging the mother, and talking and singing to his baby in the womb.

After the birth, the father can help the mother by taking care of the baby. The father can also communicate with his child through the senses such as by sight when interacting with baby, by touch when massaging or bathing baby, by hearing when singing or talking to baby, or by smell through skin to skin contact with baby.

By helping to care for the baby, the man strengthens his bond with his wife and helps her to experience motherhood with more confidence and peace of mind. By discovering and fulfilling his role, the father will strengthen his father-baby bond and his love will encourage baby's development and interaction with the outside world as an independent, loving and balanced individual.