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  • Solid soaps from the Amazon

    fresh, fragrant and fair trade

A thousand-year-old tradition that is still relevant today

Soap as we know it today has very distant origins that stretch back into the mists of time. Sumerians, Egyptians, Gauls, and Celts used a saponification process to create purifying ointments, and for a long time these were the only cosmetics that existed. The cleaning and purifying properties of solid soaps are well proven

But today, far from falling into disuse, solid soap is making a strong comeback: we like its simplicity, its richness in plant based oils, its light and fresh fragrance and its nomadic side, it's so easy to transport and store. The first step in personal care for toddlers, all the way through to grown men and women, soap is an indispensable way to feel clean and fresh on a daily basis. 

Today Natura Brasil is reviving this ancestral tradition of solid soap with fair trade plant based oils derived from Brazilian biodiversity, for a totally tropical banho* experience.


Plant based oils at the heart of soap

The basis of any soap, whatever its origin, is the fat used to make it. At Natura Brasil, we choose 100% plant based oils from Brazil that are obtained in an environmentally friendly way. The plant based oils that make up the base of these soaps are enriched with rarer Amazonian oils with active ingredients, like Castanha oil, or Brazil nut oil, with highly moisturising properties, or Maracujá oil, from the passion fruit, which has soothing properties.

So, in addition to its cleansing benefits, each solid soap is also a fragrant little piece of well-being.


• New fragrances
• 100% plant based oils
• Produced in the heart of the Amazon, in the Natura Brasil Ecoparc.
• Vegan formulas

Natura Brasil Ekos soaps contain oils extracted from the most prized Amazonian fruits. They make showering or bathing more enjoyable with their creamy foam that cleanses the skin and leaves it delicately scented.

The Amazonian Ecoparc,
an ultra modern and ecological soap factory

Today, all Natura Brasil soaps are made the Ecoparc, a unique production site located in the heart of the Amazon

Created in 2013 near Belem, at the mouth of the Amazon River, this production site brings together all the most modern manufacturing technologies and the latest ecological advances to reduce its carbon footprint on nature as much as possible. Filter gardens to reuse rainwater, natural lighting and ventilation, electric vehicles, proximity to local producers and even working synergistically with other businesses to support the creation of a rich economic fabric in this developing region. 

With Natura Brasil soaps, you are holding a small piece of Amazonia in your hands, the place they were made and the origin of their ingredients.


Try a Brazilian Banho to awaken your senses

Try a Brazilian-style banho for an intensely refreshing moment of relaxation. There's nothing like immersing yourself in soothing warm water, enveloped by the sweet exotic scents of Brazil and prolonging this freshness with Natura Brasil skin care products.

Brazilians are used to showering several times a day sometimes because of the hot and humid ambient air, which sticks to the skin. This purifying shower is ideal for both body and mind and is indispensable for achieving true well-being. Natura Brasil Ekos solid soaps are the perfect way to discover the delights of the Brazilian banho and escape to teh Amazon for just a few moments.