You don't have to live in Rio or Sao Paulo to borrow the tricks and beauty secrets of Brazilian women. In this country where beauty is synonymous with health and well-being, Natura Brasil products have won over women and men to become the No. 1 cosmetics brand in Brazil. Discover also how to take advantage of these benefits and integrate a touch of Brazil into your beauty routine, so exotic that it will whisk you away to another land.

Soft, moisturised and toned skin
Because they are used to frequent skin care, in such a hot climate, Brazilian women take great care of their skin. Proud of their shape and femininity, they play sports to maintain their tone and never forget their moisturising routine to keep their skin soft and radiant.
You can easily borrow their beauty tips with these simple steps:
• First of all, remember to exfoliate your skin, ideally once a week, paying particular attention to very dry or rougher areas, like your elbows, knees, shoulders and upper arms for example.
• Then moisturise your skin with a rich, non-greasy formula that is quickly absorbed to rehydrate your rejuvenated skin.