For Brazilian women, hair is synonymous with beauty! From an early age, little girls learn the essential steps for beautiful hair and they take care of it for the rest of their lives. Well aware of this valuable natural asset, Brazilian women like to wear their hair long as a symbol of their self-assured femininity.

But to have beautiful hair, you first have to choose the right products for your hair type, discover the 4 steps to stunning hair!

Take care of your hair with Natura Brasil Ekos

Step 1: Choose shampoos according to the type of your hair

  • Hair that tends to go greasy quickly is looking for purity and lightness, so we suggest a shampoo with an astringent active ingredient, such as Pitanga.
  • Normal hair will focus on shine, with an ingredient like Maracujá oil.
  • Dry or damaged hair needs intense repair and nourishing ingredients such as Murumuru butter.
  • Dull, coloured hair will want protection and shine, with Buriti.

Step 2: Adapt a conditioner to the condition of your hair

Conditioner is a must for anyone who longs for untangled hair. For a better result, Choose a conditioner according to the health condition of your hair.

Step 3 : A little extra step to hydrate and repair your hair

The hair, same as the skin, need deep hydrating treatment to stay healthy and shiny. Adopt these products to your hair routine for deep nourishment and repair. 

Step 4 : A leave-in treatment to finish the ritual

Finish your hair ritual with a natural leave-in treatment: apply along the length of your hair a leave-in conditioner without rince,  to control the frizz and keep your hair silky and shiny all day long.


Find out your personalized hair care ritual

Made with ingredients from Amazon forest, Ekos hair care products take care of the need of each hair type, leave the hair soft, silky and naturally shiny. Find out with the following survey which one suits you the best.

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