Throughout history, countless different cultures have attributed mysterious powers to water. Bathing is more than just washing your body. It also means freeing it from impurities and empowering it with magical powers, associated with beauty, pleasure and happiness... Bathing has always been steeped in something sacred and magical, especially when combined with the powers of plants. In the tradition of Afro-Brazilian religions - from batuque and jurema in the north, or candomblé and umbanda throughout Brazil - herbal baths wash, heal and strengthen; others relax, ward off danger or bring good luck. Ariaché, amacis, and abô are used to wash the body, the house, drums, and sacred stones, these stones being used to consult fate which is guarded by Ifá. It is customary to wash from the shoulders to the feet, while necklaces and stones are immersed in a bath of sacred leaves for 16 days.There are also magical powers in the perfumed bathing tradition in the north of the country. Created in the time of St. John, it is also thought to be used for protection and good luck. Patchuli, angola wood, cumaru seeds, priprioca roots, jasmine, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla are some of the Amazonian plants used to make these perfumed baths, the "scented fragrance" of Pará, which has the power to ward off bad luck and the evil eye and to bring happiness. To prepare it, all the plants must be macerated and boiled in water to bring the aroma out of the liquid, which must then be placed somewhere quiet. It is recommended to bathe at midnight and not to dry your body with a towel. While the June devotions may be Christian, and St. John's scented bath is similar to the baths of the batuque and jurema places of worship, on the other hand, the stories about the herbs used in its preparation are undoubtedly indigenous.

The Joy of Brazilian bathing

Banho, or shower time, is a real ritual in Brazil and with the hot and humid tropical climate Brazilians are used to showering regularly, up to 3 times a day! But for them, the banho extends well beyond the shower, it is almost a philosophy in itself to take care of one's body to refresh and purify it with the banho.
As summer approaches, we also feel this need for freshness here in Europe, and we can easily apply the Brazilian method to transform our daily shower into a real banho!

Step one

First of all, get into a good state of mind, showers are useful for cleaning of course, but above all, it's a moment of relaxation, of escape! Typical Brazilian fragrances are perfect to transport you instantly to an exotic world: Maracujá, or passion fruit, Castanha, or Brazil nut, Cacao or Pitanga, a small, tangy exotic fruit or Mate Verde. Each ingredient guarantees you a unique experience! And each texture: luxurious cream, cool gel or an exfoliating scrub, will bring you a specific benefit.

Step two

If you're in a hurry or looking for intense relaxation, you can moisturise your skin in the shower with a triple phase shower oil or with a hydrating shower care product that you then rinse off. No need to apply cream afterwards, you are already delicately hydrated. You can also apply a moisturising cream as an additional step, for even more intense hydration.

Final touch

To prolong this moment of well-being and freshness, fragrance yourself with a light, typically Brazilian scent, like Frescores. Just close your eyes to recharge your batteries in a haze of exotic freshness! and exoticism!