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What happens at night?
More than you might imagine: it's the ideal time when your body can best absorb the treatments when it's at rest, because that's when the cells regenerate.
So why not let our highly effective treatments work for you while you rest? So that you feel better from the moment you wake up and start your day in style!

Anti-Fatigue ritual

Tired of waking up looking tired after a good night's sleep? Perhaps your skin lacks radiance, which is common when dead cells accumulate without being drained away. To remedy this, nothing could be simpler, exfoliate in the evening before going to bed with our Natura Chronos micro-dermabrasion exfoliating cream and then apply the Chronos Aqua gel-cream to renew your skin's moisture. A radiant and fresh look guaranteed!

Repaired and shiny hair ritual

To have your hair deeply repaired, you can leave a hair mask on damp hair overnight and wash it in the morning. Be sure to cover your pillowcase with a towel to avoid any unpleasantness. In the morning, your hair, full of nourishing active ingredients, will be softer and deeply repaired, then simply wash it well to enjoy it all day long.

Gentle Foot Ritual

The night is the ideal time to take care of your feet. Exfoliate your feet in the evening before going to bed, e.g. with the Ekos Castanha exfoliating pulp or a suitable rasp, then apply the Castanha foot moisturiser generously and make yourself comfortable in bed. The warmth of the bed and the fact that your feet are at rest will allow them to absorb the moisturising active ingredients. The results: your feet wake up feeling soft and fresh! A real rejuvenation cure to be practiced in winter and summer!