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1. Natura - First party cookies

Below is a list of the main cookies used on the Natura site.
Cookie namePurpose of the cookie
_RequestVerificationTokenSecures the user session to prevent CSRF attacks. Expires when the browser closes
customerIdassigns a unique identifier to each visitor to track their activity on the site. Expires 1 year after placement.
zbot0 / kwankoId / tsIdassigns a unique identifier to each authenticated visitor to track their activity on the site. Expires 1 year after placement.
kwankoTypeidentifies whether a user after authentication is new or not. Expires in 1 year.
LanguageIdremembers the last language selected by a user to navigate the site.
_atuvsSession cookie to store information about a visitor's navigation on the site. Contains no personal information and expires when the browser is closed.
LastViewedProductsCookie used to store the last products viewed by a visitor and display them at the bottom of the page. Expires when the browser closes.
BasketCookie used for non-authenticated users to store items added to the basket and enter them into the site's database once the user is authenticated. Contains no personal information and expires after 3 days.
GuestCheckoutCookie used to store billing information about a user who has chosen the "guest account" option for their order. Expires after 3 days.
cookieStateCookie used to store acceptance of our privacy policy. Expires after 1 year.
.ASPXAUTH_SS & ASPXAUTH_SS_sContains the encrypted client identifier after authentication on the site (one for http pages, the other for https pages). Expires after 30 days if the user has ticked the "keep me logged in" box during authentication or on closure of the browser otherwise.

2. Third party cookies

Natura uses service providers that store their own cookies on its website with permission to improve functionality and customer experience and to deliver third party services. For more information about this type of cookie and how to remove them, please refer to their individual privacy policies below.

Cookie nameCookie Description
_gaCookie used by Google to identify a visitor to the site. Expires after 2 years.
_gidCookie used by Google to track your browsing on the site. Expires after 24 hours.
_gat_UA-11323849-1Cookie used by Google to time-out queries made on their servers to track and create interest audiences in Google Analytics.
__ar_v4Cookie used by the Adroll group to identify you when you browse other sites and to display targeted advertisements. Expires after 1 year.

3. Activation of cookies by third party sites

Natura occasionally integrates photographic and video content from websites such as Youtube. Consequently, if you visit a page whose content includes cookies, you may be exposed to cookies from these third party sites. We cannot disable this type of cookie, so you will need to visit the third party's site to do so.

4. Natura - Sharing tools

The Natura website features built-in share buttons that allow the user to share products over social networks. Social networking sites save cookies on your device when you log in to their site. Natura does not control the placement of these cookies, so you will need to check the third party's website to learn more about this type of cookie.