Fête des Pères
De l'amour
pour transformer le monde

Fathers' Day Natura
In each gift, a world of affection

Being a father... what a wonderful challenge, what an incredible adventure. 

For most men, becoming a father is a major upheaval, a real questioning, a responsibility that is both heavy and at the same time so beautiful. Because all fathers have a role to play in passing on to their children and grandchildren, Natura wishes to celebrate them and tell them that their love makes the world grow.  

So on Father's Day, show them in return that you care about them, grandfathers, fathers or future fathers. Let's celebrate all the men who shower you with love, by giving them well-being and softness in return. Our men's care products with Amazonian ingredients are perfect for making them feel unique in your eyes.  

Our Fragrances


Discover our selection of men's fragrances to give the most precious gift to the men who matter to you, dad, brother, friends, grandfather. Made with ingredients from the largest and richest garden on the planet, the Amazon, these elegant, committed and sustainable compositions will leave a lasting impression and fill your beloved one with love.

100% vegan, cruelty-free fragrances, made with Amazonian ingredients and 100% organic alcohol, in bottles containing recycled glass.

Our Skincare Gift


Celebrate all the men who shower you with love, bringing them well-being and softness with our selection of body, face and hair care products from the Natura Ekos and Natura Homem ranges. Give them a committed gift containing the best of Amazonian biodiversity harvested sustainably and with original fragrances.​​

100% vegan, cruelty-free skincare products made with ingredients from the Amazon that are sustainably grown by local communities

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You are involved in your daily life, so are we!
We take concrete action to build a better, more inclusive, more respectful, more ecological and more beautiful world. You can be sure that by choosing Natura products or gift sets, you are also contributing to the protection of the Amazon region and its biodiversity, to fair trade with local communities, to the reduction of carbon emissions and waste, to the protection of animals, to more independence for the women of the world and to the education and inclusion of the youngest.