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For Brazilian women, hair is synonymous with beauty! From an early age, little girls learn the essential steps for beautiful hair and they take care of it for the rest of their lives. Well aware of this valuable natural asset, Brazilian women like to wear their hair long as a symbol of their self-assured femininity.

In this section, we've put together all our tips for strong, healthy hair, whatever your hair type. Happy reading!

Curly hair

Hydration, volume control, maintenance & more

Straight hair

Creating effects, washing tips & more

Wavy hair

Daily care, drying tips & more

Coily hair

Accessories, styling & more

Colouring your hair

3 tips to follow after colouring your hair

The different types of ends

From 1A to 4C, discover the different types of capillary fibre

Tips for washing

5 professional washing tips

Hair in the bath/shower

Simple steps you can take

Myths and realities about hair

2 experts clear up some preconceived ideas

Short hair: 5 reasons to fall in love with it

The advantages of this timeless style

The basics for healthy hair

Simple steps for beautiful and healthy hair

Our commandments for healthy hair

10 tips to follow for radiant hair

Changing hairstyles

Going back to natural

Straightening fail! What should you do?

Our advice to limit the damage

Caring for bleached hair

10 tips for the perfect blonde

Our advice for fine and fragile hair

Nourishing and adding volume

The basics for straight or curly hair

Getting the best out of your hair

Finish by hair type

The right steps for your hair type

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