Myths and realities


10 hair care myths and realities

The experts at Natura Brasil are here to give you some tips on how to have even more beautiful and healthy hair.
It's not always easy to have healthy, shiny and balanced hair. To help you, Guilherme Cassolari, Natura Brasil's official hairdresser and Edjane Lima, who is responsible for formulating the brand's products, answer our questions and uncover the myths and realities of everyday hair care.

1- Frequent hair washing helps fight dandruff.

✔ True. According to Gui Cassolari, cleaning your scalp with the right shampoo helps to remove scaly skin and associated sebum, while reducing the action of fungi and bacteria. As a result, there will be an improvement in seborrhea and less dandruff. The hairdresser recommends Pitanga Shampooif you have greasy hair.

2- Applying a mask daily instead of a conditioner makes hair more supple.

✖ False. Each mask has its own properties, but it should only be applied once a week, like a hair treatment. "Conditioner is the best daily way to detangle hair and leave it manageable, silky and shiny", says Gui Cassolari. The product I'd recommended product is Murumuru Ekos conditioner which will leave your hair soft and hydrated.

3- Washing your hair every day causes hair loss.

✖ False. According to Edjane, washing your hair every day only gets rid of hair that has already fallen out. In fact, hair loss is more related to scalp problems (and also emotional upheaval) than to external factors such as simple hair washing.

4- Greasy and dandruff-prone hair tends to fall out more.

✔ True. "Increased sebum production can cause dandruff and flaking of the scalp. These problems can be factors that cause hair loss", Edjane explains. Use specific products for your hair type, such as Ekos Pitanga Shampooif you have greasy hair.

5- Washing hair with hot water dries hair and increases frizz.

✔ True. "Use lukewarm or cold water to wash your hair, because hot water can dehydrate hair", advises Gui Cassolari. "Especially in winter, people tend to take hot baths. This habit helps to increase the production of sebum on the scalp, which damages the hair due to the loss of proteins and other essential ingredients", adds Edjane Lima.

6- Applying styling balm from the roots to the tips weighs the hair down and makes the root greasy.

✔ True. This type of product should only be used on the lengths and the tips. You should also watch how much product you use. "A pound coin is usually about the right amount for thick, voluminous hair and a pea-sized amount for fine, thin hair", says Edjane.

7- Using a hair dryer or straighteners on wet hair can further dehydrate the hair.

✔ True. You should remove any excess moisture from the hair with a towel before you start detangling. Then you should apply a thermo-protector and only then you can start drying it. "Before using straighteners, make sure you apply a product that protects your hair from excessive heat", advises Gui Cassolari. For frizzy, curly and wavy hair, you should use a diffuser on the hair dryer to make styling easier and avoid breaking the hair."

8- Tying your hair while it's still wet damages it.

✔ True. You have to be careful when you tie your hair up, especially if it is still wet. "When it's wet, hair is technically more fragile. This is due to a temporary change in one of the chemical bonds. This makes the hair more elastic and makes it break more easily", explains the formula expert.

9- Dry weather, frequently in winter, damages the hair.

✔ True. According to Gui Cassolari, in dry weather it's really important to choose a good hydrating mask which will restore the hair's natural moisture. Hair is then more radiant. The Ekos Murumuru Care Mask is a good product to use for this. On days when temperatures are really low, you can also wear accessories such as hats and caps to protect yourself from the cold, but remember to wash and moisturise your hair afterwards. Wearing hats and caps suffocates the scalp, which is not healthy at all.

10- Hair that has undergone chemical processes such as Brazilian straightening and progressive straightening requires more attention to keep it healthy.

✔ True. To avoid brittle hair and to combat fragile hair, as a result of these chemical treatments, you should focus on the right care. "Choose product lines that strengthen the capillary fibre, avoid damage caused by chemical processes and keep the hair healthy", explains the professional. The expert advises using the products from the Ekos Murumuru range.

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