Advice after colouring your hair


3 tips for coloured hair

It's the perfect way to quickly change your look, but dyeing your hair still requires a few precautions.
Women in Brazil, France and all over the world love to update their look by colouring their hair and sometimes still find it difficult to cope with their grey hairs. Whatever the reason for dyeing your hair, the fact is that the precautions involved don't stop when you apply the dye. "Chemicals can weaken and dehydrate hair, especially if it isn't well nourished", says Gui Cassolari, Natura Brasil's official hairdresser. Another consequence, split ends are a sign that the capillary fibre is damaged. With so much damage possible, it's vital to use special hair care products. "Starting with your shampoo, every step should be focused on your chemically trated hair", he adds. Gui Cassolari has three handy tips for taking care of newly coloured hair.

1. Repair your hair during the first three washes.

After applying colour, hair tends to be more fragile and more prone to damage. In the first three washes, intensify yoru hair care with the Natura Lumina range for very fragile hair. It includes a shampoo, a conditioner, an ultra-restorative mask and a serum, that help restore hair's natural shine and help your colour to last longer. It's also important to watch how often you wash your hair. "Although nowadays dyes are more resistant, it's still a factor in fading", concludes the expert.

2. Well maintained hair takes on colour more easily

Nourished and moisturised hair allow colour to take more easily and is more resistant to the damage it can cause. In other words, no more excuses to put off hydration. Ideally, it should be done once every ten days. Do you need reason to include it in your hair routine once and for all? Coloured hair has less sebum, which can lead to dry, dull hair.

3. Watch out for growth

Don't forget that products designed for chemically treated hair may prolong the effect of the dye but they won't stop your hair growing and therefore your natural colour appearing at the roots. According to Gui Cassolari, women often confuse hair growth with loss of colour. "When roots start to show, this means that the hair is growing, not that the dye is wearing off", he says. If your roots are bothering you, maybe use a root touch up between visits to the hairdresser.

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