Dealing with dry hair


Find out how to avoid dry hair

Our expert, Guilherme Cassolari, advises you on how to prevent your hair from dehydrating and keep it shiny and healthy.
Did you know that beautiful, silky hair doesn't do well in high temperatures? Whether it's the hot water in the shower or the hot air from the hair dryer, heat can be very harmful to the health of your hair and scalp.
"Water that is too hot dehydrates the scalp and stimulates the sebaceous glands, which produce more sebum", explains Guilherme Cassolari, Natura Brasil's hair expert. To avoid greasy hair, the hairdresser recommends using cold water to wash your hair.
And the advice doesn't stop there. High temperatures should be avoided even after washing your hair. If you don't have a choice and the occasion calls for a more elaborate hairstyle, Cassolari teaches you how to minimise the damage: "If you really can't avoid using a hair dryer or straighteners, finish by blowing cold air on the hair to keep it light and shiny.

Washing and hydrating

To restore the scalp and encourage deep cleansing, Guilherme recommends using an anti-residue shampoo once a week. "It's perfect for removing residue that accumulates not just from excess sebum, but also from the use of other products and external factors, like pollution", says the expert.
Another piece of advice from Gui Cassolari: use moisturising and emollient products to combat dehydration caused by a drier climate, which is very common in large cities. It is worth investing in products that provide intense nourishment, like those in the Ekos Murumuru range.
"The key strength of this range is the combination of powerful plant oils, which form a protective film and also act inside the capillary fibre, leaving the hair frizz-free and with no split ends", he explains. To boost your hair's healthy appearance, the expert recommends Patauá Restorative Oil, from the same range, which "protects and closes the hair cuticles and intensifies shine".

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