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5 tips to reduce frizz in coily hair

Frothy hair? Only in the shower! With these simple tips, you'll learn how to tame frizz on coily hair.
It doesn't matter if you wear it au naturel or if you straighten it out. If you have coily hair, you know that frizz can ruin your look. Caused by a number of factors, including dehydration, the use of unsuitable products and the weather, frizz makes a lot of people want to tear their hair out.
But although it might seem impossible, there are methods and products to help you get rid of this annoying issue. And remember, beautiful hair is healthy hair. Take a look at our tips!

Tip 1: Change the way you wash

The first step to controlling frizz starts in the shower. Dilute your shampoo with a little water, then gently apply it to your scalp in circular motions. Use a specific shampoo for your hair type, like Ekos Murumuru Shampoo, which is formulated with an exclusive combination of Murumuru Butter and a cleansing agent derived from coconut, or Natura Lumina Shampoo for very fragile hair.
"Diluted with a little water, the shampoo doesn't clean the hair as much, which leaves a little more oil on the hair. All hair has its own requirements, but this tip really can work", says Gui Cassolari, Natura Brasil's hair expert.

Tip 2: The right products to finish

Now it's clean, you have to hydrate it in and out of the shower. As well as conditioner, choose a good moisturising mask, like Ekos Murumuru Care Mask, which provides intense curl repair in the shower. Finally, apply a styling balm that will help tame your frizz while repairing split ends. Murumuru Styling Balm sculpts, nourishes and fragrances hair, while helping to reduce frizz. Also try Natura Lumina's intense shine styling cream to leave your hair supple and manageable.

Tip 3: Change the way you dry

Frizz is caused by static electricity, which occurs when there is a lot of friction between the hairs. Forget using a traditional bath towel; switch to a cotton T-shirt to remove excess water from your hair. Nothing beats letting your hair dry naturally but if you don't want to give up your hair dryer, then switch to using a diffuser, which distributes the heat through the hair more evenly.

Tip 4: A wooden comb

Most women with coily and curly hair already know this, but it's worth pointing out again. Always use a comb made of wood or other material that doesn't leave hair statically charged, and detangle your hair while it is still wet. Combing or brushing coily hair when it's dry guarantees frizz!

Tip 5: Smooth as satin!

What's better than looking after your hair while you sleep? As mentioned earlier, friction between fabric and hair increases frizz. So replace your cotton pillowcase with a satin pillowcase and wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf. And if after all this you're still having a bad hair day, here's a selection of 10 accessories for coily and curly hair.

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