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Reduce frizz


5 tips to reduce frizz in curly hair

Learn how to tame the dreaded frizz and don't let a few rebellious hairs steal the show from your beautiful curls.
Rebellious hair that insists on staying out of place is an affliction that affects all hair types. But it is curly hair that is most affected. Why? Because it is naturally more dehydrated, so this type of hair absorbs more water from the environment and puffs up easily.
No matter where you live, when it rains or if the weather is a little more humid, even the smallest of curls goes frizzy. To avoid annoying everyday problem, we've identified five top tips to be frizz-free.

1: The right pillowcase

Some fabrics, such as cotton, absorb moisture from the hair and increase static electricity, the main cause of frizz. To alleviate this problem, replace your traditional pillowcase with a satin pillowcase, a fabric that doesn't remove the sebum naturally present on the hair and that allows you to still have well-defined curls the next day.

2: Hydration please!

Dehydrated hair is more likely to have a fuzzy appearance. That's why it's important to keep it hydrated and healthy at all times. If you don't have time to take care of your hair, go for products with immediate results, like Ekos Murumuru Care Mask, which boosts hair's beauty and shine by hydrating it from root to tip. You could also opt for the Natura Lumina line for curly hair. Its products have formulas specially adapted to curly hair, like the anti-frizz nourishing mask, which will hydrate your curly hair and stop it going frizzy.

3: Choose the right comb

Most women with curly hair already know this, but it's worth remembering: switch to a wooden comb instead of a brush and only comb your hair when it's wet. Combs with wide teeth are the best option because they preserve the natural structure of your curls and don't break the hair.

4: Blot the roots

Before brushing your hair or leaving the house with wet hair, remove excess moisture from the roots using a paper towel or an old cotton T-shirt. This technique avoids rubbing your hair with a towel, one of the main causes of broken hairs and increased frizz. "It's good advice that you often read on blogs and that women with coily hair tend to give", says Gui Cassolari, Natura Brasil's hair expert.

5: Smart drying

If you absolutely do not want to part with your hair dryer, invest in a diffuser and finish with a blast of cold air. "You also need to define your hair after washing it by using a curl activator, which helps to control frizz", says Gui Cassolari. To finish, you could use Natura Lumina styling cream for curly hair or Patauá Restorative Oil, which adds shine and enhances the natural movement of your curls. 

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