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5 tips to reduce the volume of curly hair

Although you like your curls, you usually like them less when they are too big and bulky. Take our advice and reduce the volume of your hair while keeping it looking beautiful.
Many women love their curly hair, but not all women appreciate the fact that it has so much volume every day. To celebrate you hair and its differences, let's look at how to control the volume of your curls.
Gui Cassolari, Natura Brasil's hair care expert, gives some essential advice. "The best way to reduce the volume of curly hair is to take care of it", he says. But yes, it is possible to have well-defined curls full of movement, without having excessive volume!

Tip 1: Hydration

Hydrated hair is easy to style the way you want. And this is also true for small curls without much volume. Ekos Murumuru Styling Balm will help preserve hair hydration, define curls and control volume without weighing the hair down, even without rinsing. You can also use a curl reactivating spray to help hydrate your hair and control frizz at any time of day.

Tip 2: do I comb the tangles out or not?

You don't have to get rid of brushes and combs completely, but use them sparingly. "You can use a flat brush or a wide-tooth comb" says the expert, who warns: "Once after the shower and that's it!"  Combing dry hair increases volume. That's why it's best to avoid it.

Tip 3: definition

Two factors that can be responsible for overly voluminous curls are frizz and lack of definition. To counter this, use Ekos Murumuru styling balm. "It will provide better curl definition and prevent frizz", says the hairdresser.

Tip 4: bedtime

When you wake up, very voluminous hair seems to have even more volume because it's all tangled up. To avoid this Gui Cassolari has a tip: "If you can, try to put your hair in a bun to sleep. This will reduce volume and your hair won't be as tangled when you wake up.

Tip 5: choose the right cut

Each face suits a particular cut, but certain styles in particular help to control the volume of curly hair. Frizzy or curly hair expands more easily than other types. That's why the right cut can make all the difference!

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