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4 steps to finishing wavy and curly hair

A good finish will give you the best curls. Learn how to get beautiful curly hair.
To look its best, wavy and curly hair needs special attention when it comes to finishing.
Your best friends for this step are specific styling products and curl activators. Of course, before that, you have to take care of your hair properly. "The first step towards well-defined curls is well-maintained hair", says Gui Cassolari, official hairdresser at Natura Brasil. According to the expert, hydration is key. "The more curly the hair is, the more difficult it is for the sebum naturally present on the scalp to spread over the lengths", he adds. In other words, hair often looks dull and sometimes even dry. Here are 4 great tips for finishing wavy and curly hair and revealing the full potential of this amazing hair type.

1. Regular hydration

We've already shown you how to moisturise wavy and curly hair. This is a very important step in the quest for perfect curls since moisturised hair is more malleable. Women with wavy and curly hair should follow a moisturising routine every week or two, depending on the level of dehydration.

2. Remove excess moisture before applying the finishing product.

According to Gui Cassolari, Natura Brasil's official hairdresser, hair should be damp, but not wet, when you are finishing it. When drying it off, avoid twisting the hair excessively with the towel as this can lead to frizz. Want more professional advice on how to wash your hair? Ok, here you go!

3. Shape your hair

Products with curl activators are your best friends when it comes to finishing. Don't hesitate to use a volume control product, to help curb excessive volume, or Ekos Murumuru styling balm, which you can apply whenever you want, to damp or dry hair. To shape your hair, scrunch it hair gently from bottom to top and use a diffuser to add volume. You can also choose any of the products in the Natura Lumina range for curly hair, including the shine styling cream, which will leave your curls soft and bouncy.

4. Even out your shine

Because it tends to be drier, wavy and curly hair can also be dull, especially at the ends. That's why repairing them with Ekos Patauá Restorative Oil is the last step in a perfect finish. It helps to restore shine all over the hair. 

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