Fine and fragile hair


Thin and fine hair: 7 tips for nourishing and adding volume to your hair

When you have this type of hair, lack of volume and vitality can be a real problem. What if we had a solution for you?
Whether it's because of chemicals, health problems or even a natural tendency, it's a fact that having thin or fine hair (or both) bothers most women. First of all, it is important to remember that these are two different issues. Fine hair is below average in thickness, while thinning hair is almost synonymous with a lack of hair. It is also true that these problems can both give the appearance of a lack of volume and vitality, which women are often unhappy about, given how beautiful hair is synonymous with femininity. It is extremely important to seek out the causes from a dermatologist, but if you have no health problems, there are products and tips that can significantly reduce the problem. We have selected some tips below to nourish and improve the appearance of thinning and fine hair.

1. Watch out for sebum

Because of the lack of volume, fine, thinning hair can easily show sebum, making the hair look even flatter."That's why you should watch out for this and use specific shampoos for greasy hair several times a week", says Gui Cassolari, official hairdresser of Natura Brasil. Ekos Pitanga Shampoo is an excellent choice because it removes excess sebum, and allows you to space out when you use shampoo.

2. The secret: volume at the root

To add volume to hair, you can apply a texturising spray to the roots. "Denser" roots help to convey a sense of volume throughout the length of the hair", explains the expert. While applying the product, lift your hair with your fingertips.

3. Focus on products that help thicken hair

Products formulated with amino acids help to add body and rebuild the hair as keratin, the main component of hair, also contains amino acids. A tip: apply an intense repair treatment whenever you feel the need.

Strengthen and repair fine and fragile hair

4. Don't forget to feed it

"Thin, fine hair really needs intense nourishment!, says Gui Cassolari. He suggests applying a mask at least twice a month. The Murumuru Care Mask, for example, is enriched with Murumuru butter, which nourishes and repairs the hair without weighing it down.

5. Choose brushes with short, close bristles.

According to the hairdresser, the shorter the bristles on the brush, the more volume it will add to the hair. You should also look to see if the hairs are relatively close together.

6. Choose hairstyles that add volume

Any other advice? Ponytails that are a little loose and shaped with a spray on the lengths, as well as quiffed hairstyles, are good options for masking a lack of volume.

7. The cut makes all the difference

Gui Cassolari explains that mid-length or short, layered cutshelp to make the hair appear as if it has more body. "Long hair tends to be heavier and flatter" he says.

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