Hydration tips


How do you moisturise straight hair?

Although less prone to dehydration, straight hair also requires some attention.
Not all straight hair is the same: factors such as hair thickness, amount of sebum and degree of dehydration may differ. "Straight hair tends to have greasy roots but this is not always the case. Another mistake is to think that this type of hair does not need hydration", says Gui Cassolari, Natura Brasil's expert hairdresser. By knowing the differences and particular needs of your hair, you will be able to choose which product to apply after washing, as well as the frequency of your moisturising routine. Masks, concentrated butters and oils are among the most popular alternatives to increase the vitality of the capillary fibres. What is the best product for your hair? Follow our advice and then apply them at home in your own time and enjoy beautiful hair, like thousands of Brazilian women.

How to moisturise straight and greasy hair

First of all, you need to identify your hair type: greasy, dry or dried out. This is something to be aware of even if the lengths are greasy. "Having greasy hair doesn't mean it's moisturised", says Gui Cassolari. According to the expert, in this case, the hair should be washed with a specific product, such as Natura Lumina shampoo for straight hair, before applying the treatment. "Another difference is the frequency of application. When you have greasy hair, you can wait up to twenty days between 2 moisturising treatments", he adds.
Because they provide less intense hydration, express care masks are suitable for this type of hair. If you have fine hair, you can boost your routine by applying a strengthening mask, which adds body and leaves the hair more resistant. Any advice? The Murumuru Care Mask, which repairs the cuticles and strengthens the hair, reducing breakage or of course Natura Lumina conditioner for straight hair which is particularly suited to greasy hair.

How to moisturise straight, dry or dehydrated hair

If you have straight hair that needs a little boost of moisture, either because it is naturally dry or because it is dehydrated for some reason, you should choose products from the Ekos Murumuru range which generally have a higher moisturising ability and will provide you with intense hydration and repair.

Ensuring daily hydration

When you don't apply a product after washing, there are a few things you can do to prolong hair hydration. When you have straight hair, you rarely use straighteners but the same can't be said for hair dryers. But, as we have already said, excess heat is the enemy of nourished and shiny hair. "Heat protectors and pre-styling products, such as Natura Lumina heat protection spray or Patauá hair oil, which protect against the heat of the hair dryer, are good alternatives to keep all the moisture in the hair", concludes the hairdresser.

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