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4 simple tips for straight and straightened hair

You can achieve a natural look and bring your hair back to life in a few simple steps, without going to the hairdresser.
We often hear that straight or straightened hair is more flexible and easy to maintain. But this type of hair can be a challenge because it is more prone to certain factors, such as fine hair, excess oil and a dull appearance. The good news? With the right products and a few simple steps, these problems will be history. Gui Cassolari, Natura's expert hairstylist in Brazil reveals four tips to make straight or straightened hair look absolutely gorgeous.

1. Watch out for sebum

It goes without saying that greasy hair, responsible for a lack of volume and movement, is the enemy of a perfect finish. Worse still, it can look like you don't care. If you have straight hair, you need to be extra careful. "Straight hair is more prone to excess sebum than other hair types", says Gui Cassolari. Why? Because sebum produced on the scalp reaches the roots and lengths more easily. Specific products, like the Natura Lumina range designed for straight hair, help to avoid this problem.

2. Add some shine to your shampoo.

Straight, smooth hair can also be dull. This can make it difficult to get shiny hair using finishing products alone. "It's important to restore shine and vitality to dry hair with your shampoo", says Gui Cassolari. Any advice? The shampoo from the Natura Lumina range for straight hair or, for more hydration, the Murumuru range from Natura Brasil Ekos.

3. Patauá Restorative Oil, essential for straightened hair

When hair has been straightened, which often involves the use of aggressive products, it's important to be mindful that you hair could become dehydrated. Nothing beats including Patauá Repair Oil in your hair care routine to repair your hair. In addition to nourishing and strengthening your hair, it helps it regain its shine, essential to a good finish.

4. Hair dryer + tip restorer = happy ending

Now that your hair is clean and repaired, it's time to finish with the hair dryer. But remember: high temperatures can dry out your hair and cause frizz. You can protect against this with Natura Lumina heat protection spray. It's also a good idea to finish drying with a blast of cold air and, if possible, also rinse your hair with cold water after you've washed it. 

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