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Complete care guide for straight and straightened hair

Straight hair is the easiest to style from day to day. And by using the right products and treatments, it will also be easier to avoid excess scalp sebum and have beautiful, shiny and silky hair. Here are some tips from hairdresser Guilherme Cassolari.

People with straight hair think they have to wash it every day to avoid greasy hair! But that's not true. The most correct washing frequency is every other day, cleaning the entire scalp and rinsing thoroughly so as not to leave any product on the hair. Always use a mild shampoo for a lighter wash, as smooth, undyed hair does not necessarily require extra conditioner.

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"If you have dyed hair, invest in the right products like Ekos Buriti, which helps hair stay shiny, healthy and full of colour for longer."

We know it's tempting to take that hot shower after a hard day's work. But, trust me, your hair will thank you if you turn down the heat in the shower. Warm (or cool) water closes the cuticles and makes hair shinier.

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In addition, consider using a product that contains thermal protection against damage from straighteners and hair dryers, which does not dehydrate hair. For example, you can use Natura Lumina heat protection spraywhich is perfect for straight hair.

Straight hair is manageable and suits almost any type of cut. The only recommendation would be to trim the ends ends regularly, to keep your hair healthy and avoid split ends.

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Also remember to apply a repairing oil gently to stay looking flawless for longer.

Knowing what your hair needs and choosing the right products ensures smooth, shiny hair. Pataua Hair Oil adds shine and repairs your hair without weighing it down. If you use a hair dryer or straightening iron to straighten your hair, it's important to use a good product that acts as a protective film on the hair and protects it from the heat generated by these appliances, like Natura Lumina heat protection spray.

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To break away from the ordinary and get a more modern and trendy look, use a texturising product. You can apply it on wet or dry hair to create a wavy effect that lasts up to 24 hours!

Straight hair marks very easily, so be careful when using clips and elastics to tie it up. Rubber and plastic hair ties can break the hair if they are too tight. If you're planning to make a pretty ponytail, apply a texturising spray first and opt for a fabric ribbon or foam hair tie.

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Have you made a note of this advice? Let's get into action for smooth, hydrated hair that will reflect light like never before with every movement! Take good care of your hair and enjoy the results!

How to hydrate straight or straightened hair

Not all straight hair has the same needs. Factors such as the thickness of the hair, the scalp's production of more or less sebum and the dryness of the hair can vary. "Straight hair tends to have greasier roots, but that's not the case for everyone. Another common mistake is to think that this type of hair does not need hydration", says Gui Cassolari. Knowing your hair type and its needs will determine both the type of product you need to use and how often it needs hydrating. Masks, ampoules, concentrated butters and oils are part of the specific care recommended to hydrate and revitalise your hair.

How to hydrate straight greasy hair

First of all, you need to identify your hair type, whether it is greasy, dry or dried out. Oily hair also deserves special attention. "Having oily hair doesn't mean it's moisturised," says Gui. According to the Natura Brasil expert, if you have greasy hair, it is important to wash it with a specific product such as Natura Lumina shampoo for straight hair or Natura Lumina detox before applying a hydrating product. "Another difference is the interval between the application of one treatment and another. People with greasy hair can wait up to 20 days between treatments," he adds.

Because they provide less intense hydration, care masks are suitable for this type of hair. Those with fine hair can also complete their hair care with a strengthening mask, making hair stronger and more resistant.

And avoid running your hand through your hair too often, it makes it even greasier.

How to hydrate straight, dry hair

Those with straight hair that needs more moisture - that is, hair that is naturally dry or dried out for whatever reason - should opt for concentrated products that generally have greater moisturising properties, such as Murumuru concentrated butter or simply Natura Lumina straight hair conditioner. According to Gui Cassolari, the interval between one application and another can be shorter, between 10 and 15 days. "But regardless of the degree of damage and dryness, these products should not be applied within three centimetres of the root", according to the expert. says.


1. Use an anti-residue shampoo.

The product opens up the hair fibre, which improves the absorption of the moisturiser applied afterwards. We recommend Natura Lumina anti-residue detox shampoo.

2. Apply conditioner after the hydrating mask.

Contrary to popular belief, one product does not rule out another. Masks provide the hair with deep down nourishment. While conditioner will moisturise the outer part of the hair and the scales. These two products can therefore be used together to achieve an excellent hydration result.

3. Before applying a mask, remove excess moisture.

When the hair is very damp, the mask is diluted, which reduces its hydration potential. This is why it is important, before applying it, to remove excess water with a towel, by gently patting the hair, but without rubbing it.

Daily hydration

Even on days when you don't apply a conditioner after shampooing, it's important to develop a few good habits to avoid damaging your hair. People with straight hair generally don't use straighteners but very often use a hair dryer. We know that excessive heat is the enemy of hydrated and healthy hair, so we recommend applying heat protection to avoid dehydrating your hair", concludes the hairdresser.

How to style straight hair

To change your habits and make your cut more relaxed, use a texturising spray. It can be applied to damp and dry hair to add some waves to your straight hair. In addition, they may contain heat protection against damage caused by straighteners and hair dryers, two excellent reasons not to skip them. Here are a few steps to follow:
1. Spray the product on dry or damp hair, section by section, without touching the root.
2. Then massage the hair with your hands, this creates beautiful natural waves when the hair dries.
3. Finally, dry your hair with a diffuser to increase the volume and hold of your waves.

The different types of hair fibre: 1A to 4C.

The different types of hair fibre: 1A to 4C.

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