The different types of ends


The different hair types: from type 1 to type 4C

Before any discussion about hair can begin, the age-old question on everyone's lips is: What is your hair type: Straight? Curly? Frizzy? Wavy?
Everybody knows those hair types. But have you ever heard of hair being classified from 1A to 4C? These terms are found in the classification drawn up by American hair stylist Andre Walker, which helps to determine the type of hair and to have key insights when it comes to daily maintenance, for easier and more effective hair care.
The hair type classification looks at two criteria symbolised by a letter and a number.
Each number, from 1 to 4, identifies the type of hair. The letter, on the other hand, helps to identify its characteristics and to distinguish between hair sub-types.

On straight hair, the letters stand for hair and texture, as it isn't curly.


This is fine hair that tangles more easily because of its structure.


A mix of fine hair and thicker hair with more "hold".


Thicker, more difficult to curl (the famous "heavy straight hair") and "shinier" than other types, due to the sebum on the scalp which reaches the ends more easily.

From wavy hair onwards, the letters stand for the the texture of hair and the curls.


Fine hair with slight S-shape waves along the lengths, leaving the wavy shape of the hair less defined and with little volume.


Hair with slightly more defined S curls, possibly with slight frizz at the roots.


Thicker hair, full of volume and with well-defined S curls.

Curly hair ranges from loose to tight curls.


Hair with looser curls. This is the most hydrated hair of the three, and the heaviest, which explains the slight loss of curl definition. In some cases, the roots may be straight due to the weight.


Hair with S-shaped curls, wavier at the root, well-defined curls that are tighter than the previous type.


There is no consensus on the definition of type 3C. It is characterised by well-defined, tight curls, or "small" curls, that may form right from the root. Some people see this type of hair as curly while others think it is frizzy.


Hair that varies from spiral curls to even more compact curls with less definition. It tends to be more fragile and dry, and needs to be cared for with a lot of tenderness and love.


Hair tightly coiled from the root, very voluminous and with a spiral wave, and a slightly defined shape.


Hair that is tightly coiled with S-shape waves, which may be a little thinner, quite dense and sometimes fragile.


Finer, more fragile hair, with zigzag coils that don't really form proper curls. It may look "heavy" because of the tight coils, but make no mistake: this is the most fragile hair of the three.

When you have wavy or curly hair, a tip to identify your hair type is to look at it when it is wet since most treatments start on wet hair. And if you identify as more than one type, don't panic: some hair is two different types at the same time.
If your hair has been treated with chemicals, you will need to transition back to your natural hair to identify your hair type, as this is the only way to permanently change the structure of the hair.
Find out more about transitioning back to natural hair
Now that you know more about your hair, it's time to choose the right products for your type. And to help you with this new chapter, the Natura Brasil official hairdresser, Guilherme Cassolari, advises: "It's important to use specific products for your hair type. You must choose products that will meet the needs of your hair, whatever type it is." The Natura Lumina range is perfectly adapted to each hair type, so you're sure to find the right product for you!
So, are you ready to take care of your hair and turn heads? 

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