Wavy beach hair


How do you get beach waves?

The beach effect, that is to say beautiful, natural and relaxed, slightly wild waves, is one of the beauty trends that is very much in vogue at the moment.
Whether you live by the sea, in the country or in the city, you've obviously already dreamed of casual surfer style! And in recent years, fashion and beauty trends have also been inspired by tanned skin and the "beachfront" vibe. Beach waves, i.e. hair with a scruffy look, a dried out effect (but it's just an effect, ok?) and waves that seem to have been sculpted by the wind itself, are not about to run out of steam any time soon - regardless of how near or far the seaside is.
And here's the good news: you don't have to be near the sea or splash yourself with salt water in the sun to get the much coveted beach waves. Find out how to do it here!

Beach waves : step by step

Natura Brasil's official hairdresser, Gui Cassolari, reveals the step-by-step way to get summer waves:  "Wash your hairas normal and let it dry naturally. Apply  Murumuru Styling Balm to slightly damp hair by rubbing the strands with your hands, from the bottom up", he explains. The product activates volume and texturises hair while moisturising and holding waves for up to 24 hours.
There are other quick and easy ways to get beach waves. Here are a few of them.

Drying your hair upside down

Drying your hair by lightly scrunching it upside down before applying Murumuru Styling Balm. This usually gets good results, as the position helps to add volume at the roots.

With a bun

Before putting your make-up on and getting dressed, make one or two buns on the top of your head with your damp hair (not too tightly so you don't leave a mark on the hair). After about thirty minutes, undo the buns and finish with a blow dryer and Patauá Restorative Oil. Good to go!

With plaits

A bit like the previous method, but with two "Pippi Longstocking" type plaits. When you're ready, simply remove them, blow dry and spray on a texturizing spray.

With a little help from your curling tongs

If you choose to use curling tongs, don't lose sight of the goal: achieving a natural result. To do this, use the tongs at a low or medium temperature and always work from mid-length, pointing the tips outwards. To protect your hair we suggest you use Natura Lumina heat protection spraywhich will give your curls a nice shape without damaging your hair.

And more: how to take care of your hair in summer

Well-maintained hair is easier to style and this also applies to beach waves. You have to be careful of frequent damage in summer, especially by the sun, sea, wind and swimming pool. "The grains of sand that cling to your hair and the sea wind produce a natural exfoliating effect that dehydrates the hair", explains Gui Cassolari. Sunlight and chlorine can also increase dehydration. "If possible, always take a freshwater shower after swimming in the sea or the pool", adds the expert. Any other advice? Beautiful hair is also the result of good hydration from the inside (why not set yourself the goal of drinking two litres of water a day?) and a good diet, rich in fruit, oleaginous seeds and vegetables. In addition to providing a wide range of benefits, they help restore the body's water level. There you go! Now all you have to do is enjoy the summer and show off your beach waves which are sure to cause a stir. And don't forget your sunscreen!

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