Reducing frizz


5 tips to reduce frizz on straight and straightened hair

Frizz can appear on any type of hair, and contrary to popular belief, not just on wavy hair. In fact, it's more visible on straight hair. Here are some tips on how to minimise the problem.
No hair type is immune to frizz, but straight hair is particularly sensitive to frizz and can easily become fuzzy. And since frizz is a sign of dry hair, you can get rid of this common problem by hydrating it!
If you like the look of straight hair but your hair isn't naturally straight, you might also end up with hair full of static electricity after using a hair dryer or straighteners. Our expert Guilherme Cassolari gives you some advice on how to be frizz-free.

Tip 1

"Every time you brush your hair, I suggest you apply a repairing oil to the ends to fight frizz", says the expert. The capillary scales close up, reducing friction.

Tip 2

As well as heat, you need to think about what type of brush you are using. Preferably choose a flat brush, not a round one, as it allows you to detangle the hair without breaking it. To avoid frizz caused by using a hair dryer or straighteners, you can use Natura Lumina protection spray for straight hair, which contains thermoprotective agents.

Tip 3

Still rubbing your hair with the towel when you get out of the shower? No way! To remove excess water from your hair, dry it carefully by patting with a cotton towel and let nature take care of the rest. You should always wait a little if you're going to use a hair dryer or straighten your hair, even if it is short.

Tip 4

Another tip from Gui Cassolari: wash your hair with warm water. "The water temperature also plays a role avoiding frizz", says the hairdresser. It's true that hot water reduces the amount of sebum naturally present on the hair, drying it out more easily. 

Tip 5

Since frizz is a sign of dry hair, it should be well hydrated. Straight hair is generally greasier, but that doesn't mean it doesn't need to be moisturised. Natura Lumina protective conditioner for straight hair is ideal for moisturising hair without weighing it down. While the Murumuru Care Mask bathes the hair in plant based keratin that acts on the hair structure and leaves hair soft and smooth for longer, in addition to fighting frizz. 

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